Take a look on the new features of Acer Liquid S2

The tablet phones are still making headway in the telephony industry and all the manufacturers want to have your choice of large format for the amateurs to large screens. Acer joins this new fashion with the Acer Liquid S2, a terminal high-end components with more pointers, crowned by an impressive panel of six inches.

The Taiwanese company strong bet with this model, which puts all the meat on the grill with all the most important technical aspects and in addition the spiced with a carousel of exclusive features very interesting. It has a very complete camera to record 4K video very processor powerful and can connect to networks 4G to sail at full speed. We see all the features of Acer Liquid S2 below.

As mentioned, the screen is the queen of Acer Liquid S2, both for its size and its sharpness. The panel type IPS LCD, measures six inches diagonally, so it is not suitable for lovers of compact and manageable devices. Its resolution FullHD 1080p translates into a density of 368 ppi, i.e. concentrating more dots per inch of the eye can distinguish. The screen is covered by a sheet of glass resistant Gorilla Glass 3 will prevent breakage and the appearance of scratches.

In terms of design, this is a terminal broad that we can hold with one hand, but we do not we will be so easy when it comes to manage on the menu unless you use two hands. This product visual experience preempts functionality or convenience of a compact mobile in handling and transport. Despite its gigantism, its thinness gives it a sleek look, but does not prevent the weight comfortably exceed 200 grams. Terminal design highlighted by the use of curved glass in the front side and rounded shapes. It will go on sale in red and black, both with matte finish on the back.

As mentioned earlier, Acer has put all eggs in one basket from the technical point of view, and the camera is a clear example. Its main sensor located in the rear of the chassis is made of BSI technology to improve performance in low light and has 1 3 megapixel resolution, so that the resulting photos will have a large size. However, that the more megapixels, the lens if that will be responsible for the quality and sharpness of the images.

Acer Liquid S2

In this case we find a 28 mm lens and f/2.2 aperture, a configuration that will allow us to capture a wide angle and would capture a lot of light. The LED flash is one of its most striking points, and which has four diodes arranged in a ring around the lens. The advantage of this system is that it allows macro photographs properly illuminate all areas, and that its power is much greater than any single or double diode.

If we continue to analyze characteristics of the camera must also highlight the wide mode, resulting in images of 27 megapixels. But Acer also includes a suite of unique features like Quick first shot, used to take a picture from the lock screen quickly, or Smart best shot to automatically choose the best photo of a series. It also comes with widget tag to find images faster by assigning tags, favorite way to set profiles to our liking or exposure control.

Video section is the highlight and the Acer Liquid S2 offers the option to capture in 4K resolution at a speed of 24 frames per second. If we want it is possible to lower the quality FullHD and so the frequency rises to 60 fps, creating an effect of slow motion very interesting. The front camera of two megapixels, also has a very bright lens and can record video FullHD. Finally we emphasize the incorporation of the sound system Dolby Digital Plus and the FM radio tuner with RDS system.

We turn to the internal memory and we find an integrated line of 16 Gb, something a little low for a high range of this size. However the highlight saves in memory extension, which may be done by inserting cards, MicroSD whopping 128 GB capacity.

The Acer Liquid comes out of series with S2 Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, perhaps its greatest failure considering that there are already two newer versions, at least could have Android 4.3. However, a device of this size is the perfect candidate for an upgrade, and would not be surprising to soon try their ration of KitKat.

As a good Android, this model comes equipped with the package of Google services (Gmail, Hangouts, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Maps…), but also Acer ups the ante by adding own applications that enhance the user experience. Mainly emphasizes Float UI interface, which allows to open multiple applications simultaneously in floating windows transparent to allow simultaneous operation. The Float Apps include maps, a notepad function, camera and calculator. The company also has a service cloud storage where users can store documents, or even access files remotely from your smartphone and computer.


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