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The most reliable online image editors

If at first Photoshop it was the only alternative for editing digital photography, its high price and complexity of use-more-focused professionals led to the appearance of some alternatives that eventually were improving and expanding its range. Today, with the prevalence of social networking and sharing all kinds of content, weight gain programs ...Read More

Three dimensions: the wall against which the mobile manufacturers have been

3D, or the feeling of seeing three-dimensional images to be exact, has been for more years than it seems one of the tricks, or features depending on who you ask, that manufacturers have used smartphones to convince us to buy their phones mobile. Maybe a good fault she had Avatar, movie box ...Read More

At what price you rent your house in Airbnb? An algorithm allows to double revenues

Times are changing, and if not, I would have to taxi drivers and the growing phenomenon of Uber and the likes, but before this sector, it was the turn to the property due to the simplicity and immediacy offered Airbnb. Although people still enjoy renting the space right in front of their apartment ...Read More

The unbearable fleetingness of the rate of one-gig data in mobile

No doubt the sector where prices have fallen more in recent years is the mobile phone. The falling price of calls has been more than palpable, now reaching the ground zero cents per minute (the lightest setting is) or to offer unlimited calls, but evolution in the appearance of the data seems ...Read More

The technology to convert a sailing boat in a TV studio

Imagine spending nine months at sea, on a journey that will take you through all the major oceans. Imagine spending weeks without seeing land, without talking to anyone other than members of your crew, almost without knowing anything about what happens beyond the horizon. Not talking about the sailors of centuries past. ...Read More

Will we have someday a battery in the cell that lasts for a good time?

Mobile devices have transformed our lives, giving us the freedom to talk, work, listen to audio and watch video while moving. But disconnected from electricity grids, its use is well constrained by the capacity of the battery. And that’s where the problem lies. While scientists are constantly dreaming of new ways to ...Read More