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Best lens for Canon EOS 7D Camera

Without a camera we couldn’t imagine any single moment of our everyday life. We just look for better quality picture and sometimes compare it with a good-looking shot that combines a suitable view of the subject against a lousy background, light adjustment, right exposure and slightly magnified view. For getting this exclusive ...Read More

Canon EOS 5D is one of the most desirable cameras on the market

Not the highest of the range of most expensive camera or Canon. It is the only DSLR with full frame sensor not the only records video, but there is something in the Canon EOS 5D Mark III which makes it a favorite of many of the professional photographers. This is the camera ...Read More

Samsung WB350F is a very balanced compact camera with outstanding brilliancy

The Samsung WB350F is a new proposal for the Korean company that combines a compact camera with a good yield good photographs and excellent zoom magnification of up to 21 with some smart choices. Thanks to these advanced functions, we can synchronize the camera with a mobile phone t o transmit photos ...Read More

Lumia Nokia 1020 is blessed for its 41 Mpix camera

Among photography buffs there is a kind of tribe, of which I am part for good or for evil, to whom we like to take photos but also attract us much the cameras, lenses and accessories. We really enjoyed the “apparatuses” necessary to make photos. This has a chance and that, looking ...Read More

A new mid-range compact system camera for you

The compact cameras without mirror of interchangeable lenses (CSC) are in fashion, perhaps the only thing they need is a name more catchy. And many of them offer what seemed impossible a few years ago: the image quality and versatility of a DSLR but in much less space and considerably lighter. This ...Read More

Sony RX10, a luxurious camera that has everything

Sony is announcing new camera models in all ranges and is winning hands with the two giants Canon and Nikon in quantity and innovation. Although new cameras appear almost every day, there are very few occasions when a manufacturer launches something new and different. Barring some very particular product of two large, ...Read More

Canon EOS 70D is a pretty much camera of sensor technology!!!

The reflex cameras have been for many years the most valued in the market. An object is only available to professionals and amateurs very enthusiastic and willing to spend good money on them. But times have changed, and its reign is threatened by several factors. Firstly remain relatively expensive, out of reach ...Read More

The digital camera that you are looking for

The Japanese electronics maker Casio is not far from one in the market for digital cameras. Casio has an excellent pedigree in this field since, in late 1995, went on sale the QV-10 camera, the first digital camera with LCD display for the general public. Since then they have created products with ...Read More

A solid smartphone with a solid camera

When we met the Samsung Galaxy Camera, a photo camera with 4G connection and Android operating system, the big question was: why not also has phone? Samsung doesn’t like leaving a single part of the market without cover, well that said and done. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is a smartphone with ...Read More

The most wanted model Sony NEX-5R is tested

While other mobile devices tend to grow, the cameras begin to miniaturize and more and more options for us with a high quality camera in very small chassis. Sony is one company that is committed to the interchangeable lens cameras without mirror. Such models get unify the convenience of a compact but ...Read More