Tablet SPC Glee 7 Review

The tablets are not expensive and un-affordable those teams that were at the beginning of their times. Nothing is further from reality. Now there are many manufacturers who have affordable options and prepared for users who want to release in the world of big screens without having to spend all their savings. A good option is to just submit to its customers the Spanish company SPC Internet with the launch of the new SPC Glee 7 , a tablet with seven-inch screen and quad-core processor, ready to provide users with the superior performance.

Tablet SPC Glee 7-reviewThe tablet SPC Glee 7 is the smallest of the series Glee. Do not forget that SPC has already put on the market different models of 7.9 and 9 inches. It is lightweight, weighing just 280 grams, and is ready for connectivity to WiFi networks. Limp in the camera section, since only incorporates a front sensor, useful for video calls and self-portraits. Operates, like the rest of tablets SPC Internet through icons Google. We refer to Android in its version 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean), one of the latest editions to hit the market. However, one of its main advantages is the price.

Design and Display

The SPC Glee 7 has a design very similar to the rest of the family tablets Glee of SPC. It consists of a large seven-inch screen, a feature that plays in their favor on an issue as important as the weight. In fact, it is a specially recommended for those users looking for a lightweight, comfortable, easy to store in any bag or folder. The part of the front surface is taken with the screen, but reserves some space on the edges works as a framework and as position location for the touch buttons. These are those that give direct access to the main menu functions and are very useful for navigation and finding items, files and applications. At the top of the screen are the sensors and the main camera on the front. The final weight of the device is 280 grams, a feature that sets it apart, of course, other teams with larger screens.

The screen is, without doubt, one of the most important elements of the tablet. It has a size of seven inches (diagonal) and resolution HD 1024 x 600 pixels, which means that we will have the chance to enjoy viewing high definition content, with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Unlike other more advanced tablets own catalog of SPC, the SPC Glee 7 does not incorporate any extra element of protection as a crystal could be Corning Gorilla on the main panel. That said, if you want to keep the display as the first day you can apply to the tablet screen protector or make a cover that prevents any scratches or accidental impact on the housing front glass or delicate.



Not one of its strengths, but we have to mention it, because it is. The main camera of SPC Glee 7 is located in the front of the device. In fact, it is the only one that operates in this tablet unlike others, equipped with a pair of cameras. As you can imagine, has a very basic quality and in fact, we only prove useful when simple video calls or self-portraits. Do not expect it great snapshots, since the SPC Glee 7 is not designed as a tablet photography specialist.

Memory and power

SPC is a strong commitment by the power and memory of their computers. Proof of this is the powerful data sheets of SPC Glee 7. It has a processor with architecture of four cores (Quad Core) capable of operating at a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz and potential combine a graphics processor with Power VR SGX. In the same machine room we encounter a RAM up to 2 GB, can offer the user superior performance, both at the time of executing simple or complex functions such as video games or applications with high potential graph. As for internal memory, the user can have 8GB of storage, suitable for saving photos, music, videos, documents and applications of all kinds. If this amount is not enough, there is always the option to expand this capacity microSD memory card up to 32 GB.

Operating System and Applications

As we have already indicated at the beginning, the SPC Glee 7 runs through the operating system for mobile phones and tablets of Google. It is also one of the latest editions of the company introduced to the public: Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean). Incorporates significant improvements in the performance section, and it is a small redesign of the interface and new tools to care for the most of the safety of users, the main Achilles heel detected in Android. Straight out of the box and turn on the SPC Glee 7 users will encounter a user display clear and crisp, composed some icons that give access to the main menu functions. This panel is fully customizable with new icons for the most used applications: social networks (Facebook, Twitter…), YouTube, Instagram, email boxes and maybe some of our favorite games. There is absolute freedom in this regard.

In any case, as a good team Android, this SPC Glee 7 incorporates part of the applications that allow us to enjoy the main services of Google. We refer to Gmail, Google Search, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Currents, Google Books or Google Calendar, as well as Google Play, the app store than Mountain View remains open for users of this platform. Currently you can download almost a million proposals, free and paid, to expand and improve the functions native to the tablet.



In point of connectivity do not expect great things, but compatibility with WiFi networks that help users to enjoy internet connection in any room with wireless enabled. This means you can use the SPC Glee 7 on the couch in your home, while you rest, at work, for any queries on the fly or in a room of hotel, to check your email inbox before going outside. In this feature, connect to the Internet essential to comfortable and agile, technology must be added Bluetooth 4.0 for transferring content between devices and to synchronize external equipment accessories.

In the area of physical connections, the tablet includes an input USB OTG, a must if you want to synchronize information or even charge the computer battery, a 3.5 mm output for headphones, that will help you listen to music in silence when you want to use Tablet to entertain and HDMI 1.4 output to export your favorite photos and videos to a larger screen, for example: the TV.

Autonomy and availability

The SPC Glee 7 has an integrated lithium ion battery with a capacity of 3,000 milliamps that we can enjoy the tablet for at least a couple of days of intense work with the most important functions activated. Keep in mind, however, that the battery may depend on many factors such as the state of the network, the number of applications that have opened or personal use which makes each computer user, among other factors. In this sense it is very important to take into account the experience of each user to accurately determine the autonomy of the device.

On their availability, SPC has already announced that the tablet will start selling in Spain for only 100 euros in the open market.


SPC expands its family of affordable tablets with one of the market’s economic proposals. The SPC Glee 7 is a simple device, but equipped with the basics, which responds with a capacitive screen 7 inch HD with a powerful quad-core processor and 2 GB of RAM. We miss a camera on the back with a more powerful sensor, but should understand that this is a low cost device, designed for all ages. There be welcomed its network support WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and HDMI 1.4, detail lovers appreciate the multimedia world. It seems more correct integration of a lithium ion battery with a capacity of 3000 milliamps which will provide the user a fairly loose autonomy. Finally, we can only emphasize its price.


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