The tablet Lenovo A8 features a balanced technical profile

Lenovo has a very interesting range of tablets, especially from the point of view of price. One is the Lenovo A8, a team that offers interesting features such as the eight-inch HD display, processor, quad core, its two cameras integrated system or Dolby. This tablet Android is quite compact and lightweight; making transport and handling is very comfortable, while offering a good viewing experience. We are telling you all the details about this tablet.

Display and Design

As mentioned, the tablet Lenovo has a screen with a diagonal of eight inches. This size is good to see the images very clearly, but without sacrificing portability offered by a compact device. This diagonal can watch videos or photos without problems and also read eBooks through the Kindle or similar platform. The display type is IPS and has resolution HD (1,280 x800 pixels) at a concentration of 189 dots per inch and a depth of 16 million colors.

The design of the Lenovo A8 is pretty classic and simple. It has a rectangular shape of rounded corners and edges to make it more comfortable to hold and we are not key any edge. The front cover is fully resistant glass and plastic shell covers the back and sides. It has two speakers located up and down the screen and takes the physical power and volume buttons on one side. The device has a thickness less than nine millimeters and weighs 360 grams.

Camera and Multimedia

Lenovo has included a dual camera system in this model. On one side is the main sensor, located in the rear, which has a resolution of five megapixels. This configuration can produce images of 2,592 x 1,944 pixels, more than enough to see them on a big screen or print size an intermediate format. The downside is that the focus is fixed, so we can not play with the parts of the image that appear focused or unfocused, as it will not allow to get too close to the objects photographed. The camera has basic features like geo-tagging to add the location to the images and recording videos. It also carries a camera on the front for making video calls through Skype or a similar service. In this case the sensor has two megapixels and also features fixed focus.

The Lenovo A8 is capable of playing multimedia formats and documents common, like the rest of Android devices. It also has a tuner FM radio integrated and two speakers in the front with Dolby sound.


Power and memory

The Chinese company has introduced a processor Mediatek within this model. The chip in question has quad-core Cortex A7 and operates at 1.3 GHz clock frequency. It is supported by 1 GB of memory RAM. It is not a precisely toe configuration, but the Lenovo A8 is a tablet input range, so you can not demand too much. Lenovo sells this model in a single option with 16 GB of storage capacity, but can be expanded up to 32 GB additional card if you use a MicroSD.

Operating System and Applications

The tablet Lenovo A8 comes standard with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, a fairly veteran version which was released in October 2012, however the manufacturer has confirmed that will launch the upgrade to the latest version soon. You can not know when the update will occur and may still take some time, but at least the company has confirmed its intention to offer the latest in Android in this model, which does not happen with many device manufacturers range entrance.

In any case, this issue includes Googl service package and integrates functions such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Google Talk, Google Calendar or Google Navigation among others. You only need to add your Google account (or create one if you have not already) so that all content is automatically synchronized. Lenovo also includes a set of standard applications like Skype, play Texas Poker, Evernote to create documents, Rute 66 + Navi Maps, the weather app AccuWeather antivirus and Norton Mobile Security. Users can add many more applications accessing the Official Shop Google Play Store, which already has more than a million files.

Connectivity and autonomy

Lenovo sells the Lenovo A8 in a WiFi only version and another which also includes free 3G, for which we have to insert a card MicroSIM with contracted rate data. The browsing speed with this system will be 21 Mbps for download and 5.76 Mbps for uploading. It also creates a WiFi zone through the system WiFi Hotspot so we can connect with other devices via the tablet, like a sort of portable modem. Its other connections include Bluetooth 4.0, GPS antenna, accelerometer, ambient light sensor and proximity, a port microUSB connector and headphones.

As for the battery, this model integrates a lithium polymer unit with 4,200 milliamp capacity. Official data indicate that autonomy may be connected for 20 days in a row so sleep until 11 hours in use.

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