The speaker TDK Trek Micro seems a very balanced option that mixes a very portable design

The TDK Trek Micro is a wireless speaker designed for you to take with you anywhere and you can listen to music from your smartphone or tablet. A compact format box that can be carried in the palm of the hand or hung pants (the speaker includes a carabiner to secure it), and is therefore protected against splash and dust. As a result, we can bring the TDK Trek Micro to the beach or the mountain without fear of spoiling. To play content wirelessly, this speaker is committed to a free Bluetooth and NFC. This technology serves to synchronize your smartphone or tablet just takes a “twist” to the speaker. According to the Japanese company, we can reach a maximum of six hours of continuous playback with this model.

Undoubtedly, the great appeal of the speaker TDK Trek Micro is its ability to accompany you anywhere. This wireless speaker has a very compact and lightweight enough to fit in the palm square design, so transport is no problem. Specifically, their actions are in the 8.2 x 8.2 x 2.9 inches and weighs only 182 grams. I.e., this device is only slightly heavier than smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a comparison that gives a measure of comfort. In fact, the company has also included in its design features a handle and a carabiner that can be clipped to your pants or backpack strap, so that the TDK Trek Micro becomes a perfect companion for countryside walks or breaks, or even wear it to the beach.

This outdoor use thanks to its reinforced protection IP64 against dust and water. This certification will allow us to achieve complete protection against the intrusion of dust and sand on the device, while also able to withstand falling rain or an accidental splash of water. Yes, we must keep in mind that is not certified against complete immersion in water, so we have to have a little more careful in case you approach the sea or pool.

The design of TDK Trek Micro is quite attractive and useful, as you can see in the video above. Its square shape allows almost any place in any position and keeps it in balance. TDK sells this device in three different colors to suit the tastes of each user, black, red and white. This distinction allows us to opt for a more classic and understated in black or newer proposals such as red or white design. The buttons activate Bluetooth and to raise and lower the volume stood at one side of the team. When the computer is showing the sound from a device like a smartphone or a tablet button with Bluetooth symbol glows blue.

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We also have a small rubber tab on another side that hides the connection MicroUSB for charging equipment in a computer (the computer comes with a built-in cable), headphone jacks and audio input and power cycle the speaker. As usual, it is recommended that rubber flap closed when we are using the connections so that no damage occurs in the event of an accidental spillage or dust action.

The truth is that the speaker TDK Trek Micro does not disappoint in terms of sound quality and power. In both cases, this model easily meets its mission of serving to encourage our breaks and meetings. And the audio is very audible when we put the maximum level without incurring a loss in sound quality (like many speakers of this format). Undoubtedly, this is an interesting device to improve the quality and audio power many smartphones and tablets that are somewhat limited in this regard.

Another key to this speaker is its versatility to play audio from different devices. Its main feature is undoubtedly the connection Bluetooth 2.1. This technology requires that we have the audio source (such as a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop) at a close distance of no more than 10 meters, i.e., we must find in the same room if we use indoors.

Once that is what we link and in seconds we start listening to audio content directly into the speaker. Also connection incorporates NFC. This technology will allow us a more direct connection, because you can just turn this feature on your smartphone or tablet and then play with the mobile computer speaker in the area where you can see the logo of NFC (symbol similar to a N with a background in blue). This connection is quite comfortable but when the number of mobile devices this technology is rather limited, whereas in the case of the vast majority is Bluetooth compliant.

In addition to the wireless connection, you can also take advantage of an audio input 3.5 mm s to listen to music on computers that do not have Bluetooth. The TDK Trek Micro offers up to six hours of continuous playback of music. This is a figure that is somewhat lower than other models of portable speakers, but we have to keep in mind that this is a device with a much smaller format. Recharge your battery directly through a USB cable to a computer or similar device, so you have to keep in mind that will take longer to get back loaded than if we used a power adapter.


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