The SPC Glow 9.7 3G is an amazing tablet with its technical specifications

The SPC Glow 9.7 3G is the new proposal by the Spanish company to the world of tablets. A computer with a standard size of 9.7 inches (same as using the iPad) with a balanced set of specifications. But also, the SPC Glow 9.7 3G also features the ability to connect to mobile networks so that we are always connected. Even we can use this tablet to make and receive calls, but take it in the ear like a shoe phone still generates some further questions. This device is now available in stores for a restrained price of 200 euros. We tell you all the details in depth analysis.

The SPC Glow 9.7 3G uses the color white in the front, while the rear keeps a lower and upper band in the same color and the rest in gray. In addition to this modern look, we would like to emphasize that the company uses five touch buttons to control the tablet (usually use three teams in Android). The new additions are a button to lower the volume and one for upload, plus classic buttons to rewind, access the main screen and display open applications. The weight of this device amounts to 615 grams. Without being a very high figure, if it is true that is above what we are seeing in many pitches, and can be heavy after grab it for a while in our hands. The dimensions of SPC Glow 9.7 3G are placed in 234 x 10 mm x174.

In the field of the screen, SPC has introduced a panel IPS 9.7-inch with a resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels. This resolution offers a medium level of detail, which should be sufficient for most simple apps and Android games. Still, you are missing that the company has opted for a higher resolution, and considering that version SPC Glow 9.7 sports a powerful retina display with a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. Through the use of technology, IPS, we can enjoy some good viewing angles of 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically and some brilliant images.

Within the SPC Glow 9.7 3G has remained the use of two cameras, one on the back and one in front. In the back we have a target resolution 5-megapixel and autofocus, which will serve to make simple pictures and get by. Meanwhile, in the front looks a lens with resolution 2 megapixel, more than enough for video chatting apps like Skype or Hangouts but can be somewhat shorter in the case of wanting to do selfies. In devices of this size, it seems to be more interesting sacrificing rear camera and enhance the front end, because shooting is quite uncomfortable with a device of this size and most common is to lay hold of the smartphone.

SPC Glow 9.7 3G     2

The internal memory of the SPC Glow 9.7 3G amounts to 8 GB. This ability may be enough torque to store apps, games and music, but fall short if we use the tablet to download movies and videos. In that case, we can use a card MicroSD with a maximum size of 32 GB to complete the space. On the other hand, power is provided by a processor ARM Cortex A7 four cores and 1.2 GHz. This chip is attached to a memory of 1 GB RAM which leaves a set capable of running most apps and games for Android smoothly, although the computer’s performance may slow down if we use many applications open at once. Of course, SPC has worked on a ultra fast for the tablet only later start 8 seconds to boot.

The SPC Glow 9.7 3G bet output version Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Probably, during the next few months will upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat but will miss having a newer version of game. Anyway, this version allows us to enjoy most of the features offered by Android and the vast majority of apps in the store. Some of the most important developments of Jelly Bean found in the improvement of the assistant Google Now, that shows relevant information as our use of the equipment. But above all, the most interesting to the world of tablets feature is the ability to enter several different users with their permissions and personal files.

On the other hand, Android has a very large merado Applications with names like WhatsApp, Line, Candy Crush Saga or Facebook. The large number of proposals provides that each user can create their own experience of the Android universe according to their tastes and needs. Among the additions introduced by SPC, in addition to the touch buttons to lower and raise the volume we would like to emphasize the lower panel shortcut with the ability to introduce six different icons to get to applications like Skype or Line.

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