Sony Xperia E1 vs Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus: What would be the best?

The market of smartphone is saturated with countless models and the choice can be difficult. In addition to the best-known high-end, major brands have simpler devices and above all much cheaper. The call input range has very interesting and affordable terminals, such as the Sony Xperia E1, a compact model that comes with some special features like its powerful speaker rear. Let’s compare this proposal Sony with another Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus is also a basic smartphone but having a complete and balanced technical profile. We see the main differences in comparison.

The simplest smartphones usually have compact screens and these two models are one such example. The two have a screen TFT four inches diagonally, which is a set size but offers good viewing surface. They also agree on a resolution, with a distribution of 480 x 800 pixels, resulting in a density of 233 ppi.

The design of the Sony Xperia E1 is in keeping with the aesthetic line of high-end Sony, but with a more flattened shape and thickness. It is a rectangular terminal with slightly rounded corners, plastic housing and is available in white, black and purple. The Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus also features a line design that we know for all the latest Galaxy ranges. In this case the shape is more rounded and has a silver bezel that surrounds the terminal. Available colors are black and white. Both have compact enough to handle with one hand without any difficulty size.

Although the two are at a similar level in other places, the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus Lead paragraph of the camera. This model features a sensor five megapixels, which is accompanied by an LED flash, very useful for taking pictures in low light environments, and also has a secondary VGA camera. The Sony Xperia E1 goes standard with a camera of three-megapixel LED flash does not lead, but provides other functions such as HDR and stabilizer to minimize image shaking and the pictures come out crisp. The two recorded videos as HD720p have autofocus, face detector system and geo-tagging.

As we said in the entry, the rear speaker is one of the strengths of the Sony Xperia E1. This part gets a volume of 100 decibels, but also has other functions such as a WALKMAN player with its dedicated key to access as quickly as possible to all our music. It also allows us to change song by shaking the phone; the app takes TrackID for recognizing songs, FM radio with RDS and carries sound enhancement xLOUD.


Power is not one of the strong points of entry-level devices such as the two we are discussing, but that does not mean they do not allow us to execute common tasks with the necessary fluidity. The two mounted processor dual core that runs at 1.2 Ghz, but the difference comes with the RAM. The Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus has 768 Mb, while the Sony Xperia E1 carries 512 MB. It is not a very advanced configuration, and the same applies to the internal memory, where we find a background 4Gb card expandable MicroSD of 32 Gb extra.

We are faced with two smartphones with mobile operating system Google, but the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus we are in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and Sony Xperia E1 has Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Both models come with the package of services that includes Google at all products with their platform. We talk about Gmail, YouTube, Google Calendar, Hangouts, Google Maps, Google Navigation and Google Plus and others. Each manufacturer includes its own interface to the user, so that the system design is adapted to the visual layer, although the structure is the same for both.

The two terminals have a profile very similar connection, the system including HSPA which allows access to Internet through mobile networks 3G, and in this case the two can enjoy a speed of download of 21 Mbps and 5.76 Mbps to rise. They also have WiFi, WiFi Hotspot to share the connection, satellite Glonass GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, microUSB 2.0 and plug headphones. The Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus system provides WiFi Direct, which allows transfer data between devices connected to the same network, and DLNA to duplicate the display on a compatible TV or monitor.

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus has 1,500 milliamp capacity and official data indicate that we be seven hours surfing the Internet with the mobile network, while the figure will rise to nine hours if you use WiFi. On the other hand the weather conversation will be eight hours and 310 hours standby. The battery of Sony Xperia E1 takes 1,750 milliamps and can be on more than nine hours in use and 551 hours on standby.

The struggle between these two models is quite even, but there are points that can help in the decision. If they give most important paragraph photo, then the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus is the best choice, while the Sony Xperia E1 has more options in the face of musical reproduction. Both have the same screen, processor and connections are very couples. The price also influences, and does so in favor of the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus, which costs about 120 euros compared to 140 euros, the Sony Xperia E1.


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