Sony KD-55X9005A is a thing of beauty and brilliance

The TV Sony KD-55X9005A is a firm commitment to the content in 4K. A team with a size of 55 inches who wants to become a powerful media center, capable of mixing quality images displayed on TV through technology Triluminos the panel with a superior audio system. Your speakers and front subwoofers generate surround sound with a remarkable power of 65W. Moreover, it joins an advanced experience of Smart TV thanks to the content platform Sony Entertainment Network or applications dedicated to connect through our smartphone or tablet. It is a top level television with a selling price of 3,500 euros that have had the chance to try cross.

At this point, it seems clear that the resolution UHD (popularly known as 4K) is going to be the future of television. Very high resolution reaching quadruple what we can enjoy the full HD resolution. This technology allows us to get some pictures with stunning clarity, creating the sensation of looking through a window and can get to completely change the experience of watching television. Of course, like all emerging technologies the big problem is the lack of content that exists. Hopefully in the coming months more and more bets that maximize the resolution arise.

To make this gap smaller, televisions Sony incorporates a powerful imaging engine can scale images from the resolution Full HD to 4K. This image processing engine called X-Reality PRO 4K allow us to enjoy a near-ultra high resolution experience. Definitely getting the result this engine is very powerful and can make us forget the lack of content, so least until they get more channels with movies and images in ultra high definition.

The model Sony KD-55X9005A features a panel of 55 inches. In addition to the excellent resolution 4K, there is also to appoint a technology developed by Sony and that promises to give so much war to backlit panels LED by competition. Technology is Triluminos, managed in a more efficient backlight to achieve deeper colors. Advantages of this technology can be seen especially in scenes where there is abundant vegetation with various shades of green or color fidelity in the skin of people.

Sony KD-55X9005A

As for the picture modes for this TV, we have three main configurations, a configuration standard for average performance in all kinds of images, and then there is a way staff and a picture mode alive, that is the configuration that we have liked because it highlights the colors and especially appreciate greater vibrancy in the colors of the skin. The Sony TV also features the ability to play 3D images, even though it is a function that has lost a lot of weight in recent years and that has little weight in the marketing and manufacturers. For TV Sony KD-55X9005A, is capable of playing 3D content through passive glasses (are included with the TV). It also liked the automatic converter 2D images in 3D, allowing a quality experience, although not at the same level as native 3D.

Sony has created a visually attractive television, with a design in glossy black that wants to follow similar lines to high-end smartphones of the company. This panel of 55 inches is more elongated than we usually find on TVs latest model to accommodate the speakers on the side of the computer. That allows us to experience advanced sound but also the feeling of being in an ultra flat screen slightly lost. Another aspect that we would like to highlight the TV is its base in the form of a circular metal band. The TV is only based on the two sides of the band, and even creates a certain sense of fragility, allows a certain level of resistance.

In general, brings a futuristic touch to the Sony KD-55X9005A. The dimensions of the Sony TV are 146.3 x 77.8 x 40.5 inches and its weight reaches 34 kilos. In this case, we must take into account the size occupied by speakers when installing this TV in the classroom, and who needs a meter and a half to fit in the cabinet. Finally, we liked the detail of the white LED light of the bottom center of the TV, which has several intensities and that delves into the idea of a futuristic design.

In terms of the functions of the Smart TV of the Sony television , this model has an interface that keeps a air similar to that found in its PlayStation 3 game console by issues such as the type of letter is used or the colors. Overall, this is a fairly accessible menu that will allow us to controls in minutes. Yes, you are missing the inclusion of a remote control begins to make fuller use of the touch capabilities or voice control, as in TVs Samsung or Panasonic.

Among the most interesting apps featuring Sony TV one of the most useful is that of YouTube. The ability to see videos of this popular social network on your TV remains one of the most sought profits by users. We also noticed the content platform Sony Entertainment Network, which will allow us access to the latest movies and songs of our favorite artists. Anyway, it seems a somewhat limited shelf compared with the proposed Samsung.


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