The smartphones more economic for Christmas gift ideas

The Christmas is just around the corner and there are already clear who has what you want to give away: A new smartphone. Smartphones are one of the star birthday gifts and celebrations of this type is common there and who leans a little lost when it comes to choose, whether to give away as a gift to someone else. The variety of smartphones is overwhelming and there is something for all tastes and pockets.

The price is the turning point for many potential customers who want a complete product but that won’t cost the least. We have already made selections of the best high-end and midrange for gift giving this Christmas, we lacked the input range, which is where we find really affordable terminals. Since we offer you five of the cheaper smartphones and full time to help you decide.

Nokia Lumia 520

Windows Phone is a very interesting platform for its structure, much more unified and simpler than other systems. Its strong point is a minimalist design and all so fluent offered. If the mobile system Microsoft attracts you want a budget terminal and the best option is, without doubt, the Nokia Lumia 520. The Finnish company offers a very wide range, with a solid and attractive design for a very reasonable cost.

The screen is the key and a smartphone, and also often the most neglected point by the most basic phones, is not the case of the Nokia Lumia 520. On its front equips a four-inch screen with WVGA resolution (800 x 480 pixels), so it is able to reproduce very sharp images. But Nokia also introduced the system Super Sensitive Touch allows you to manage the device with gloves, perfect for those winter days where you do not want to take your hands out of its pocket.

The Nokia Lumia 520 also stands out for its five megapixel camera, which despite having a very high resolution, is equipped with the full range of applications such as Nokia offers Smart Camera, which includes the option to save animated pictures, panning or adds filters later. It also has LED flash, Carl Zeiss lens and record video HD720p. processor also include dual-core Snapdragon S4 and the ability to eight Gb card expandable MicroSD.

The Nokia Lumia 520 is available through the main operators, but if you want to do with it free form you can get it for 130 euros.


Ozzy wiko

Wiko is becoming a reference in the range of affordable smartphones with a full catalog of products at very competitive prices. The Wiko Ozzy is its economic model and has a more modest technical background, but also balanced. Its main advantage is that comes standard with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and offers all the advantages of the system icons Google, noting especially the ability to download many applications from the official store.

The Wiko Ozzy is a terminal with a fun design in vibrant colors and very compact. Its screen measures 3.5 inches diagonally and develops a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels. ‘re not talking about the sharpest screen of the world, but this configuration is suitable for a terminal in this range, and everything is going according to price. If we continue to explore its technical profile components found in the same line as the two megapixel camera or four Gb internal memory (expandable to 32 is extra-Gb). However Wiko Ozzy surprises offering a fairly extensive autonomy, profile connections complete, front camera, tuner FM radio and dual SIM card slot.

As mentioned, the best part is the price, which is that this model can be purchased in a free format for just 90 euros, a figure that excuse their shortcomings.

Sony Xperia E

The Japanese manufacturer is one that has a wide range of devices and, of course, there is room for affordable models in it. The Sony Xperia E is the most interesting line in this proposal, a compact smartphone that is necessary and especially not punish our pocket. Sony keeps the line of elegant design that distinguishes it from the competition even at its most basic products like is this Xperia E. Its chassis has a convex curve at the back that gives it a stylish touch and something different.

As we said a model is very compact, so it is perfect for users looking for a handy smartphone that can fit in your pocket without problems. Its screen measures 3.5 inches diagonally and has 480 x 320 pixels resolution, again classical architecture in mobile input range. Sony has integrated a 3.2 megapixel sensor on the rear of the chassis to capture images and video quality with a somewhat limited but sufficient for viewing on mobile itself or even on the computer, but keep in mind that there will be a very large size. Inside has a single core processor to a gigahertz and also comes with the necessary connections to access the Internet or share files and even includes the system DLNA .

Samsung Galaxy Young

Samsung also has a huge supply of smartphones, and although the high end takes center stage, the manufacturer has a good variety of mobile input range. The Samsung Galaxy Young is one of the smallest of its entire range, both in relation to the physical size and its ultimate cost. Young Galaxy has the classic design of the Galaxy series, black and much curved tone, but in a really compact chassis that weighs just 112 grams.

Just like the other models in this selection, the Galaxy Young is a very basic device that you can not ask for advanced components, but nevertheless can say that its technical background is very complete and does not lack anything. Its screen has a diagonal of 3.27 inches and the resolution is 480 x 320 pixels, something usual as we have seen, with the advantage of being more compact, its sharpness increases slightly. Samsung has included a three-megapixel camera that records VGA video, a basic function but can get us out of trouble if we do not carry any other camera on top. It also has a one gigahertz processor frequency, 768 Mb of RAM and an expandable memory of four GB

The connections are also complete and carry a battery of 1,300 milliamps. Samsung sells this model with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Touchwiz visual layer that gives a personal touch and distinguishes it from other androids. This model is available for just 90 euros free form and also sells a dual SIM version for about 120 euros.

Huawei Ascend Y300

Finally chio manufacturer Huawei is a leader in advanced telephony affordable and model Huawei Ascend Y300 is a clear example. Similarly the device of Nokia, Huawei also committed to a size somewhat larger screen and ups the ante to four inches, a compact but allows a much clearer view of all the contents, while the resolution of 480 x 800 pixels ensures good sharpness.

The Huawei Ascend Y300 also raises the bar in the camera, which has five megapixels of resolution and also includes other camera in the front. The processor also increases to gigahertz dual-core, although staying in RAM 512 Mb. The terminal has a profile of connections varied and a battery of 1,730 milliamps ensures autonomy six hours of talk time. Exits series with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and has a fairly simple design slightly rounded corners.

The Huawei Ascend Y300 costs just 110 euros in free format, very reasonably priced for a mobile that features four-inch screen and five-megapixel camera.


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