A smartphone with a balanced technical profile

Samsung has a supply of varied devices midrange and further is constantly renewing itself; the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus is a good example. It is a smartphone with a balanced technical profile and exiting series with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. This proposal is aimed at users looking for a competent device, with everything you need to perform common tasks in a compact and manageable chassis. We see all the details of Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus.

As it is said the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus is a compact device, the screen has a diagonal of four inches, the perfect size to handle the device with one-handed ease and also to transport it without it being a hindrance size. The panel develops 480 x 800 pixel resolution, a good figure for the area that offers a density of 233 ppi. It also has a proximity sensor that shuts off the screen when you’re on a call and also an ambient light detector manager automatically adjusts brightness.

Of the design there is not much to say that Samsung continues to maintain the same way rounded rectangle that employ in its entire Galaxy range. The use of organic shapes makes it more comfortable fastening to fit your hand. The Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus is available in white or dark gray with a shiny finish.

The Samsung Galaxy Plus Trend lives up to its status midrange equipping a camera of five megapixels of resolution, normally in such devices. With this piece we can get images of 2,592 x 1,944 pixels long as we use the highest resolution. This size is suitable for viewing on a large monitor or TV, but also allows printing to an intermediate format retaining all the quality. How could it be otherwise also carries LED flash, autofocus, geo-tagging and face detector. The video recording will be performed in this case as HD720p at 30 frames per second and also has a front camera of 0.3 megapixels (VGA).

The Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus is ready to play all files in various formats, whether it’s music, video, pictures or documents. Among the supported file types and find some advanced MKV to high resolution videos, other classics such as MP3, MIDI, WAV, WMV and codecs video H.263 and H.264.


Fluency is essential to talk about good user experience and the devices with very basic processors often slowed or even blocked look. The Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus provides appropriate to their needs so that this does not happen unit. It is a dual core that runs at 1.2 GHz frequency and is supported by 768 MB of RAM.

The internal memory is the weak point of many mid-range handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus. In this case we speak of a background of 4 GB of storage, which will be available 1.97 Gb if we discount what holds the operating system and standard applications. The user must take care not to completely fill the internal memory and pass all possible data to the card MicroSD, which incidentally in this model can reach 64 Gb capacity.

As mentioned earlier the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus goes standard with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, which is not the most current version of the Google platform, but at least it has some improvements as the wizard Google Now, new widgets and system performance improvement Butter Project. No confirmation that it will be upgraded to Android 4.4 KitKat, but considering that this issue has been optimized for devices with little RAM (512MB minimum), could end up getting the last delivery.

In any case, this model comes with a package of pre-installed applications so that from the first minute can perform various tasks. For example the user can add their account to Google (or create a new one if necessary) for your mail in Gmail, chat with Google Talk, store documents in the cloud with Google Drive, watch videos on YouTube or use the service GPS navigation with Google Maps.

As we have seen in previous sections, the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus continues to maintain a balanced configuration in the case of connections, a point he does not lack anything. Started accessing the Internet, which can be carried out through networks WiFi (2.4 GHz) or also mobile network 3G, which can reach 21 Mbps maximum download speed and 5.76 Mbps upload.

The terminal also share the connection and become a kind of portable modem with standard WiFi Hotspot, and transfer files at high speed WiFi Direct. In field of multimedia the system will be very practical DLNA, which allows the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus communicate with other devices like TVs to see the photos on a big screen. Finally could not miss the wireless port Bluetooth, antenna GPS, plug headphones and connection MicroUSB.

Samsung continues to swell its catalog of mid-range smartphones once again renewing one of their existing devices. The Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus is presented as an option for users who want a mobile handy and services necessary to perform the common tasks we talked about at the beginning, such as downloading applications, surfing the Internet, chat with friends or watch videos Youtube. Include your four-inch panel with WVGA resolution, its varied profile connections and camera, simple but complete. However failure in the internal memory, which is in scarce 1.97 Gb available to the user.


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