A smartphone that appropriate for all of us

The Acer Liquid Z3 is a smartphone with a compact size. It has a fairly square look and something sturdy, but overall it is a team quite nice to see. Its construction was used plastics, adding in the rear a velvety touch that leaves a good feeling to the touch. The smartphone has three touch buttons on the bottom. Instead of the button “home” the Taiwanese company has used a round button symbol reminiscent of its own menu for many tablets and computers (Acer Ring).

The Liquid Z3 has three physical buttons, two for volume up and down and one on the top on and off the phone. These buttons have seemed uncomfortable and often do not respond nicely to pressure and have to press more to operate them. The version that is tested has a classic black color, but there is also the option to purchase the device in white. The dimensions of the Acer Liquid Z3 are 109.9 x 60 x 10.4 mm and its weight reaches 120 grams.

In the field of the screen, we find an IPS panel of 3.5 inches with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels. Not one of the main attractions of this phone as it complies with certain fair and blur it shows. That itself has quite acceptable levels of brightness that will allow us to see the contents in bright conditions. It also has a good level of tactile feedback for easy use.

Go ahead we are talking about a phone with a price below 100 euros. But the truth is that one of the things that surprised us the Acer Liquid Z3 has been its DTS sound system. The maximum volume of the phone is louder than you would expect, and reaches a high enough level of sharpness. Additionally, the user can manually control the bass and treble in the audio playback. Undoubtedly it is one of the biggest surprises hidden in this low-end smartphone.

Another aspect to be highlighted is the added mobile software Acer. Normally it is a coating that adds some details to use the equipment, but in this case it is more custom modes that transform the experience of using the smartphone and posed a very attractive advantage for users who are not accustomed to a platform Touch. For example, through the senior mode we can have access to the more traditional applications of the phone (like the clock, the messages or the FM radio) and at the bottom several icons with our favorite contacts.


On the other hand, in the basic mode the screen is divided into several squares with favorite contacts and quick access to function calls, messages and phone settings. Finally, we would like to highlight the classic mode, which allows for a more complete access to the various tools of the smartphone but still focused on a single screen. All these modes are an original proposal to have a more accessible experience team.

For those who want to use the smartphone as normal, integrates the operating system Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2. It is appreciated that the Taiwanese company has opted for a more recent version of this platform, when you consider that this is a low-end computer. Android offers an extensive range of more than one million applications within their official store. Nor should we neglect the weight that my own Google, such as Gmail for mail, Hangouts to chat with your contacts or Google Maps to navigate.

In the field of memory, the Acer Liquid Z3 includes an internal memory of 4 GB. This is enough space to store a number of songs in MP3 format and the apps we download, but users who want to have a greater ability to opt for a MicroSD card up to 32 GB. The smartphone from Acer is powered by a dual core processor with a power of 1 GHz per core and with a memory of 512 MB RAM. This is a fairly limited set, but overall the system menus and simple apps run quite fluently. In addition, we may experience slowdowns in the system if we use several apps at once.

The device Acer incorporates a simple camera with a resolution of 3.1 megapixels that will take photographs humble. Yes, Acer has included a smile detector so that photos are made only at the time when the smile is detected, and a function to perform a panoramic photograph. In addition, it is also capable of performing standard quality video VGA and digital zoom of four increases. Without being any wonder, this camera will allow us to get by and immortalize our favorite moments. In the multimedia field, we would like to emphasize the role of FM radio tuner, which together with DTS audio system that incorporates the phone allow us to enjoy a good quality of sound.


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