Six reasons to change mobile

During the World’s Fair of mobile Mobile World Congress 2014 (MWC), manufacturers introduced new products that will launch in the coming months. Attendees were able to test for low-end phones equipped with Android, other top-level, and price, both based on this operating system as Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry. To these one must add the devices that are already on the market, especially the Apple iPhone, so that the supply terminal is wider than ever. Is it worth changing smartphone? It depends on the circumstances of each user. Here are six reasons that might be interesting to buy a new mobile.

1. Moving to 4G

Users who live or spend much time in areas with 4G/LTE coverage may be interested in having a smartphone with this technology to access mobile Internet networks. Although the bandwidths offered are not still the maximum technical – gets about seven megabits per second (mbps) to 20 mbps, the improvement may be significant for those who use the mobile connection of intensive mode.

In general, all upcoming high-end phones have this connectivity, also the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C and Samsung Galaxy S or Sony Xperia Z range. If you do not want to pay big prices (the average of these smartphones is 600 euros), you can opt for Chinese brands such as Huawei, who presented at the show model Ascend G6, which will be worth 260 euros and will be launched from April.

2. Change of operating system

If your mobile phone uses an operating system that does not satisfy you, the only way to get rid of it is by changing phone. This operation is somewhat asymmetric if the system is Android does not satisfy us, as is the majority and therefore contemplated that deals with low prices. Spend the Apple iOS system can cost double what we paid for the old phone.

However, in case we want to leave the Apple system and try an Android-based smartphone, will have many models we can meet. Nokia has just launched its family of mobile X and XL running this operating system and will cost between 90 and 110 euros. They are the only phones with good quality and price ratio in the Android realm, so they should study well the midrange market before choosing.

Other alternatives are nothing disposable BlackBerry and Windows Phone 8 systems, although the supply is much less extensive, and prices high.

3. The smartphone has become obsolete us

It’s not at all uncommon, after a few years, this phone when we bought it was like a rocket now forever delay in opening applications and perform the trivial operation. Verily in this is an important part of functional obsolescence due to the speed at which operating systems are updated and improved technologies in this sector.

changing mobile                  2

In general, each new technical development emerges a demand in the market to incorporate the new phones. Thus, if manufacturers want to maintain the level of sales in a highly competitive mobile industry must meet demand and optimize the models, forcing systems to adjust operational improvements. In turn, the ecosystem of applications is also forced to release an updated version.

The main victims of these adjustments or updates are the owners of earlier models of a certain range, they watch in their increasingly demanding mobile systems are installed with processor capabilities. An iPhone 4 is greatly demanded by iOS 7, and the first models of the Galaxy S range with the current versions of Android. Therefore, at the prospect of staying out of phase, it may be a good idea to upgrade the phone.

4. We seek more processor power

A new feature of the MWC was the handheld Samsung S Console, which will be released in the coming months and for which you can design and video games. This mini-console, which is linked to the new Galaxy S4 or S5, via Bluetooth, has large processing requirements and is an example of the increasing proportion chips in mobile, and not only for demanding functions, also to avoid obsolescence.

You not only want the phone to call, even to navigate; want to watch videos, play video games powerful, use it as a GPS in the car, record videos in ultra high definition or make panoramic photographs of great detail. For all these functions, and many more, we need a growing processing power that may not have our cell.

5. We want larger screens and better resolution

Between, especially Asians, strong bets for the manufacturer to have the MWC phablets, a hybrid between computer and tablet are looking for the public who want to watch videos on the screens or read the news in comfort and even books. These devices are becoming lighter and have better definition screen, so it becomes an interesting option for the average user.

In addition, new models Samsung Galaxy S5 and Z2 Xperia Sony surpass the five-inch iPhone 5 has only four-, and mobile curved G Flex -LG also unveiled at MWC-reaches six, as appears to be a major trend in the market.

Therefore, if we are among the users who like to use the mobile as a small screen, or both, reading or entertainment, we can not complain about lack of supply.

6. We also use your mobile as a video camera and photographic

It is increasingly common to use the phone as a video camera or photo, so that the rise of mobile with good optical capabilities has come to threaten the industry compact cameras, those living companies like Nikon or Canon. Therefore, look for a mobile that while we make of camera and video is a good idea. Even given the optical innovations presented in models like the Xperia Z2 or G-Flex both capable of recording videos in ultra high definition – may be interesting from the economic point of view.

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