Six Android applications for jogging

Before it was called jogging and now called running, but jogging through the streets of the city, surrounding the town or in remote locations and extreme conditions is an ancient sport field with historical references in ancient Greece. The first test of the marathon was held in the year 490. C., to honor the memory of the Athenian soldier Pheidippides, who died after a career of 37 kilometers to warn his neighbors of the coming of the Persian army to the city. Since then, he has hardly changed in its essence, but yes, a lot, in supplements and articles used in his practice. On the digital side, are the latest addition to mobile applications, that use GPS to map and analyze the future paths present. Then six of them are brought to use in smartphones with Android.

Consolidated programs among users

Most notable of these applications is not new, since three years ago that the first emerged in the shops of Android and iOS, but have become among the users who practice running and even the most downloaded for both operating systems are. This has also helped a new jogging boom as fashionable sport, where you invest money in sportswear and, above all, proper shoes to avoid injury and make enjoyable career. It is a very intense sport that requires little time and, in return, high yield returns in burning calories.

It has also helped the emergence of the “wearable computing”, connected add-ins wing network, including Google goggles, but also multiple bracelets and meters of daily physical activity of the user. The modern, the same runner that acquires quality shoes for running, bought one of the wristbands available either your mobile phone takes to run, often connected by Bluetooth with a stopwatch that takes in the chest.

This is where the applications come into play, both can be downloaded to bracelets as the smartphone and optimize the entire capacity of the sensors of this to determine the parameters of the race of the user, and to translate data obtained figures screen or as graphs. They also serve to reflect the path traced on a map where the different conditions of each point through which passed was directed.

Six interesting applications

1. My Tracks 2.0 is the app designed by Google that uses the Android mobile GPS data for our route, which means we will run with mobile in hand or with any device attached to the body. The application collects our route and displays it on a map, or in charts, with data such as speed or altitude reached each point. It can also be combined with various cardiómetros, which are sold separately and which connects via Bluetooth to record your heart rate and calculate calorie consumption.

This is available for most phones and is free. On the other hand, receives Google Play Store in a very good assessment of its users, with 4.3 out of 5 runners and voted by 121,000.


2. RunKeeper is between popular to go running with mobile apps and older. Its functions are very similar to those of other programs of this type: the data collected with the phone’s GPS and other sensors and returns them as graphs or maps drawn. To be widespread, has over 25 million users on Android-, has the additional motivation to share the results with other users that used on social networks and establish a competition for the improved results.

The basic version is free, but for 20 euros per year you can buy the Elite version, which allows the user to relay races live on web service and access to more detailed statistics.

3. Runtastic is another popular application that uses the GPS on your smartphone to enter data on the route and then display them in graphs, statistics or on the map. It also allows the incorporation plotted on Google Maps itineratios before to follow and then make notes of various incidents during the race, such as time, altitude, condition of pavements, etc..

The paid version of five-euros-stops includes voice training plans that indicate the different rhythms and exercises to perform. It can also be combined with other music-playing programs like Spotify.

4. Endomondo Sports Tracker has over 20 million users and is known for its social aspect. You can count on routes of other users to make them or share your own. Even in the paid version to five euros, includes more capabilities statistics, graphs, assistant coach for voice and the ability to activate the low battery consumption to mobile, so that not spend during the race. It has an annual subscription Endomondo Premium for 27 USD per month that adds weather data and personal training plans.

5. Nike + Running is the implementation of the sports brand of the same name, it will linked to both the mobile and the FuelBand bracelet -that to be withdrawn, and it offers features similar to other apps. Our racing data are stored in the personal page we get to open account in the service, so that can be consulted by criteria of months, days or years. It’s free.

6. Adidas miCoach represents the response of the other mark Queen in clothing and footwear Nike + Running. It focuses more on the guide staff training and improvement in the collection of data from the race, although he does also. Allows progressive design to be improving in power or strength workouts with different exercises and includes a personal motivator Voice conducted with the voices of famous athletes linked to the brand, as the Atletico Madrid striker David Villa. It’s free.

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