How to share photos on the fan page of Instagram

One of the things we repeat when we talk about promoting your Instagram profile is to leverage the followers and contacts you already have on other social networks. Share your publications Instagram on your social profiles is key to growing your community, why it is so important to your Instagram account connected to your Facebook profile.

Moreover, this fact is even more important in the case of Instagram for business profiles, where most also have a fan page on Facebook. Well, even though the application Instagram has an option to automatically share your posts on your fan page, took time getting comments like: “I can not share photos on Instagram fan page”. So this is a bug in the application? Or just, you know not configure this option? The answer is that none of the 2.

The option to share photos from Instagram on fan pages is not available for all versions of Instagram in Android and so, there are many models of Android phones that can not use this option. In fact, according to the official Instagram help page, the option to share posts on fan pages, only available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). You can see it here.

So there is no way to do this in the application of Instagram for Android? The answer is YES. And we are going to explain how below.

Share your publications Instagram on your fan page using IFTTT.

Not the first time we service IFTTT for this blog, but if you have not heard of this service, or know how to use, I recommend that you read this article before; “To connect Instagram with over 50 web applications”, where we explain what it is and how to use it with Instagram.

The advantage of using the recipes of IFTTT to Instagram, is that everything works independent of the mobile app Instagram. I.e., no matter which version you have Instagram for Android, iOS or Windows Phone, IFTTT uses the Instagram API to use their service. This will save a lot of headaches, and you do not have to configure anything on your smartphone, which will allow you to share the posts you upload to Instagram, the fan page of your choice. Just have configured and enabled the recipe of IFTTT and once done that, since everything is automatic. The recipe will arrange to send the photos to your fan page every time you post to Instagram.

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How to set IFTTT to share from Instagram on a fan page?

The first thing to do, if you have not done is create an account in IFTTT. Once you have your account, just follow the steps listed below you:

• Sign in to your account IFTTT and active channels Instagram and Facebook Pages you will see in the “section Channels” in the top menu. To activate the channel simply click on Instagram Instagram gray icon, then click on the button “Activate” and finally, enter your username and password Instagram and authorizes access IFTTT to your profile.

1. Channel to activate Facebook Pages have to take some steps but you explained below:

2. Inside the “section Channels” click on the Facebook icon in Pages and then the blue button “Activate”.

3. You will then be prompted to log in to Facebook (if you have not already done so) with the administrator user’s fan page and then authorizes TWITTERFEED by clicking “OK”.

4. It will ask if you want IFTTT post to your Facebook wall publicly. Click “OK”.

5. Now comes the most important part, you will be prompted to allow IFTTT manage your pages, in this case you must click on “OK”. Otherwise anything you upload to Instagram shared on your fan page.

• Finally, you just have to choose the fan page where you want your publications you share and click “Update” to save your configuration.

• Select the recipe which will arrange to send photos or videos of Instagram to your fan page; you can also create your own tools with IFTTT. We have used this already created and work perfectly:

• Now you can set the fields of the recipe to your taste, but we have left the default setting. The first parameter indicates the hashtag with which the service will be activated in the second specific field the URL of the publication and finally is the parameter description, which is configured to also share the description of your photo or video of Instagram.

• Finally, just click on the blue button “Use Recipe” to activate the service and ready!

Now every time you post something to your profile on Instagram using the hashtag “FBP” also automatically is posted on your Facebook fan page without you having to do anything else. So you have no excuse if your application Instagram to let Android does not do it, because the method just explained to you and if you can share videos and photos on Instagram fan pages from any phone.


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