The exceptionality of the latest Panasonic Viera WT600

These 4K UHD TVs offer four times the resolution than Full HD screens, that is, 3,820 by 2,160 pixels (2.160p) compared to 1920 by 1080 pixels (1080p). The Panasonic Viera WT600 of time is available in Europe with a diagonal of 65 inches, which is equivalent to 165 centimeters, with widescreen aspect ratios. TVs are LCD backlit LED and local control, can display images in ultra high definition (4K) to 60 fps (frames per second). They are certified THX 4K and are 3D TV.

They were among the first to incorporate a connection HDMI 2.0, which is the latest version of the standard, capable of working with 4K video at 50 or 60 fps and up to thirty-two audio channels. You can also play 4K video via SD card reader and USB, one of its USB ports is version 3.0. The WT600 is connected televisions smart integrated Wi-Fi can also access the Internet and home networks via Ethernet. Some of the functions can be handled with the voice talking to the remote control, and each family member can be configured to your liking the home page menu.

The Japanese brand designers have opted for a futuristic style to a TV where all the attention is for images. It is a design that the manufacturer has named Super Narrow Bezel. Anyway, the super narrow framework of metal does nothing more than highlight the large wide screens. It is an air base, which is becoming very popular in the high-end segment. It is a fixed foot, which can not be rotated. Anyway, these screens provide a viewing angle of 176 degrees.

The engineers at Panasonic have managed to fit all devices that only measure about 5.6 centimeters deep, so mounting on the wall will not be any hindrance. Now, not only are concerned about their outward appearance, but also other aspects of care. The user interface is very simple and intuitive. There is a home screen, which gives access to all functions, including television, applications and multimedia playback. That home screen is customizable; every one of the inhabitants of the house can configure to suit your taste and your needs.

Panasonic Viera WT600

The image of the Panasonic Viera WT600 is of superior quality. Its panels are 4K UHD. That means you can display images at a resolution of 3,840 by 2,160 pixels (2.160p) and with a frequency of 60 fps (frames per second) or 50 fps. Thus, the user will be able to enjoy movies, web pages, photos and games in ultra high definition. They are LED backlit LCD units and advanced local control. The engine is a powerful image Hexa-Processing 4K which is accompanied by a filter Clear Panel Pro This is completed contrast enhancements (Infinite Contrast Technology) and Intelligent Frame Creation technology 4K, which works to smooth 120 fps moving images. The WT600 can also display three-dimensional stereoscopic images with a system 3D active. They come two 3D glasses included in the package.

Among the modes of image that the user can choose the certificate worth mentioning 4K THX for watching movies as in the best cinemas, even in brightly lit rooms. There is also a professional mode is calibrated according to the parameters of the ISF (Imaging Science Foundation).

The TV section is well covered with no less than six tuners: two for Freeview HD, both for satellite and two for the lead. That can watch a program while recording another, for example. The 4K content playback is another of its virtues. You can play videos and pictures 4K both USB and from the reader for SD and SDXC cards. You can record TV programs on USB memory sticks or external hard drives. It actually has a port USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0.

These high-end TVs Panasonic are not only on the stereo, because also offers surround sound 2.1 channels. Incorporate two front speakers plus a subwoofer. The audio output power reaches 18 watts total (2 for 4 W for each of the front plus 10 W for the subwoofer). The surround mode is VR-Audio Pro Surround 2.1.

Connectivity within the input HDMI 2.0 is the star is located at the bottom, marked HDMI4. it can transmit digital audio and video so that the video can be 4K at 50 or 60 fps with a maximum of 32 audio channels. That connection also meets the specifications DisplayPort 1.2a. Thus, these TVs will work with next-generation consoles, with players and decoders 4K 4K, as they become available on the market.

It also has three inputs HDMI 1.4 on the side, a Scart, a combined input component video and composite video, an optical digital audio output and a headphone output. The Panasonic Viera WT600 are connected TVs that integrate Wi-Fi and Ethernet. As they are also Bluetooth, they can play audio from mobile phones and other compatible devices. Or they can add an optional Bluetooth wireless keyboard.

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