How to save battery with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

A study published a few days ago by consultancy IDC Analitics revealed that for most users, the battery life is one of the most important factors taken into consideration when purchasing a new smartphone. Not in vain, the big screens and processors that make them up are not good allies to extend the autonomy of the equipment. Probably why, with the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S5, the Korean company Samsung has introduced the Ultra Power Saving Mode, a system energy saving that is able to extend up to 24 hours autonomy terminal.

There are, however, some tricks that allow us to save battery but not count with this advanced tool. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and use it mainly for work, chances are you’re interested in maintaining maximum range of your computer. Then we offer you a few tips that will be useful to keep running your equipment when you need it most…

1) Disable the vibration and sounds that you do not need. Even if it’s weird, the vibrating sounds of the keyboard and also waste energy. As it is totally expendable resources, we recommend disable ASAP. And although there are features and tools that consume more, avoid wasting energy tools very secondary.

2) Set the display backlight. This way much of our smartphone battery leaks. We’ve already indicated at the beginning that they do not play the big screens for energy conservation. For this reason, we recommend you access the section Settings> Display to reduce the degree of illumination and brightness, but also to shorten the shutdown time. Another interesting option is to activate the “Power Saving Mode”. This system automatically adjusts the timeout of the screen (between 15 and 30 seconds), select the Auto mode for adjusting brightness.

3) Turn off the connections do not use. It is quite possible that at the end of the day need not synchronize email or browse the Internet with your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Indeed, it is likely that interests you, keep active phone in case you need to perform some emergency call little more. In this case, to save battery you can safely turn off the WiFi connection, since the system searches all time access networks to connect. On the other hand, if you do not need to send messages by WhatsApp or download data, it would be interesting also will turn off all the 3G connection. To do this, simply you access the section Settings> Wireless> More…> Networks> Mobile networks> Network mode> GSM only.


4) Disable automatic email synchronization. Another service that consumes a lot of energy is the synchronization of email accounts and social networks. To download email to your computer, the system is continuously connected to the network. If you want to shut down this service on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, go to section Settings> Accounts & sync. Select Off.

5) Close the applications you do not use. Remember that some applications may be open on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 without your realizing it. Remember that this device is one that already has the multi-window function, which lets you run different applications at once without having to open them again and again. You must keep in mind that if an application is open, consumes electricity. And it is not little. We recommend always quit applications by clicking on the button “Back” until the home screen appears. If you still want to see if an application running in the background, go to the section Settings> Applications> In use. Click on Stop if an application is experiencing activity.

6) Keep updated Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Maintain an updated smartphone is very important because in the vast majority of cases, the data packet typically prepare responsible companies bring improvements in computer performance. For the same reason, we recommend periodically access the section Settings> Updates to check if your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has its latest version of software. You can do it via FOTA (no cables), but you also have the option of connecting your phone to your computer and activate the software Kies.

7) And finally… try to install these apps! And here the most important tips to help you save battery life on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. If you still have not managed to extend the useful life of your smartphone, you suggest you two interesting applications. On one side is Battery Defender, a tool that automatically disables all those elements that do not need to use and are significantly draining the energy of your team. On the other, you have Samsung Cares, a diagnostic application that scans your smartphone and recommends new tools to improve their performance.


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