The Samsung UE65HU8500L is one of the strongest proposals that we find today in the TV market

The Samsung UE65HU8500L is the spearhead of the Korean company for 2014 in the world of television. It is a great smart screen of 65 inches with curved format, which promises long hours of fun and a much more immersive experience. It offers images of Ultra High Definition (UHD or 4K) so we can see the TV as a large hyper-realistic window. It is a TV that marks a before and after in the world of family entertainment. One of the many elements that surprise is its command with pointer, a gadget that greatly facilitates the experience of surfing on TV.

The TV of the future has arrived. Samsung has created a new concept of TV with a curved format, a bet that wants to become a reference point for the future. The decision to use this design has a multiple explanation. On the one hand, more and larger TVs are sold (a few years ago the average was 32 inches, now the average sales last year stood at 46 inches). But that does not mean that classrooms have gotten bigger, so it seems logical to look for compact designs that attempt to maximize the space used.

The curved TVs by Samsung generate much more sense immersive. The curve with the presented has been carefully studied for as long as possible to resemble natural vision, so that the experience becomes richer and surround. Although then we played with the personal feeling of each, to try to see a flat-screen TV and a curved immediately noticed some difference. Of course, for many users this difference may be small or may even have who do not appreciate the difference.

Within the design of this equipment has been used silver aluminum both frames (which are very fine) and the central base, which also has some curve to match the TV. Its overall dimensions are 145 x 89.1 x 32.6 inches and weight amounts to 31 kilos. Though this curved format, Samsung has worked to create a design that can be placed on the wall in the same way that flat TVs.

Samsung UE65HU8500L 2

The curved TV Samsung UE65HU8500L uses a resolution of 4K or UHD 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. This resolution is four times the detail that can be found in the Full HD equipment. The result is a ultra-realistic experience that causes us the feeling of looking at a window to the real world. Moreover, thanks to this technology can approach close to the TV without we notice the pixel images. Samsung has also added several class technologies for improve the treatment of the image, thanks to its powerful processor Quad Core Plus. On the one hand, we have Auto Depth Enhancer. This technology creates a similar feeling to that of a 3D TV without glasses. The TV analyzes the scene and increases the contrast of images that are in the foreground, while decreasing the contrast of the images in the background. The second technology is Pur Color, analyzing a larger number of areas of color to give more vibrant scenes and more vivid colors.

One of the problems we encountered so far is the lack of native 4K content. To fill this gap and better enjoy other content, televisions Samsung has a powerful image scaler. This engine removes noise from images to have a better resolution and converts 4K scenes. Although the same level of detail contained in native, yes we can enjoy movies and series is not reached with greater sharpness, even in low quality emissions.

One feature that has disappeared almost completely from the communication of the manufacturers is the 3D. But that does not prevent the high-end TVs have this feature. The TV Samsung UE65HU8500L incorporates active glasses. Due to the level of detail of the images (both in content and in scaled 4K content), experience 3D is very rich and very entertaining to watch action titles. As usual, we also have a converter 2D image into 3D.

Samsung is today, a leader in Smart TV market. Not only for its intuitive interface and comprehensive, if not for the different options provided by your television. One of the new features found in 2014 is the football mode. Taking advantage of the proximity of the world, it is a specific mode that is activated with a button and change the settings automatically televisions to display images and boost brighter ambient sound. Once we record a match, the TV is capable of analyzing the encounter to determine which are the most interesting scenes and create more featured clips with the best reps.

Another aspect to be analyzed is the improvement experienced advanced modes to control the TV with gestures and voice. In the first case, instead of moving the whole arm that the user simply uses one of her hands. This is a very important step forward, but still a long way to go. Orders have been improved to be very intuitive and voice recognition has come at a very fine level, which makes it much easier to speak to the microphone control.

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