Samsung TV UHD is now available with a colossal display

The South Korean company Samsung has invested heavily curved TVs. So much so that it has submitted to ten models UHD (Ultra High Definition or Ultra High Definition), among which the Samsung TV UHD Curvo of 105”, which has already been hailed as the first curved TV larger world. It is a huge screen with all the current standards, which surprises with its curvature and amplitude. All of this on a scale not suitable for any room.

An apparatus with which to enjoy an image of high quality in a spectacular size, more own look for events and technological muscle by Samsung, which use for a salon. All this loaded with the latest version of the television or smart Smart TV, which allows you to not be limited to the content that arrive via the antenna, the DVD, BluRay, Pendrive or device that you connect, but also through Internet, thanks to the applications of Samsung. This multiplied the possibilities, and is now easier to find a video on YouTube 4K quality than a regular television channel that broadcasts to the resolution. All this within an appliance with a few lines of design attractive, both by be curved as by its small marks that leave all the limelight to the screen.

This is a giant TV screen 105 inches. A panel with a curious 21:9 aspect ratio capable of displaying a resolution of 5,120 x 2,160 pixels , which reflects the two key technologies of the time, while taking advantage of no more and no less than eleven million pixels. On the one hand it is a device with image quality UHD, implying enjoy content with four times the current definition televisions or FullHD. An appliance designed especially for playing movies or videos in the series known as 4K, capable of displaying up to the smallest detail so clearly defined.

In addition, Samsung has thought of the technological leap to include the exclusive function UHD Upscaling, capable of transforming the signals it receives lesser quality (SD, HD and Full HD) so they look good in this big screen, trying to imitate the quality UHD using a transformation process. It also has UHD Dimming, focusing on improving the processing of each block of images and deeper blacks applying to improve overall contrast.

Samsung TV UHD

Moreover it is a television with a curved screen. One feature is attracting attention in the field of these devices and, as manufacturers is able to create a more immersive, higher-quality user experience. And, with a curved screen, the viewing angle is completely covered, preventing loss of detail in the corners. In addition, a feeling much more similar to that experienced in the cinema is created, with a large screen capable of absorbing and capturing the senses of the user. But not only that. Samsung has dubbed this TV screen with a curvature 4200R (4.3 m radius). This achieves that the contrast is greater at all sides of the TV, regardless of the perspective of each user and improve the viewing angle of all of them. Moreover, it is considering the large size of this model.

Besides these issues, the image of Samsung TV UHD Curvo of 105″ has other technologies and features to make the most of the image quality offered. A good example is Auto Depth Enhancer (Improved automatic depth). A feature focused on analyzing each element that appears to apply a correct value contrast, achieving a sense almost 3D without glasses. Next to it is also PurColor that seeks to reproduce colors with the same intensity and tone in which they were recorded.

In addition to these imaging features, the Samsung TV UHD Curvo of 105″ comes prepared for the future, avoiding obsolescence. This device leaves out your brain or what have been called Samsung UHD Evolution Kit and One Connect Box. In other words, connections, and updateable parties of the television for used with the next standards or update their content without having to change the device.

A TV of similar benefits can not afford not to be smart. This assumes an Internet connection and enjoys Smart TV, and all that that entails. Yes, it is an environment updated, where both the possibilities and the design has improved over other previous TVs Samsung. For example, Samsung Smart Hub 2014 has a new look designed to make handling more agile and quick for their menus and sections.

A good way to access other files such as photos or videos stored in different memories connected to the TV. Or even to play. And now there is a renewed Games Panel where to find titles to enjoy this big screen without a console. Along with this has not forgotten applications for Smar TV. Tools to check social networks like Facebook and Twitter, watch videos of YouTube, find cooking tips, a guided exercise, access to rental and purchase of content, etc.

Also with the Smart TV function is included Multi-link. A feature allows you to play different contents at the same time. Something on a screen of such proportions is very interesting to be able to reserve the right to query Internet search results, watch videos from YouTube or other content to enjoy while watching a favorite program, a film, etc..


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