Samsung presents its new range of appliances ‘Premium Collection’

Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of Premium Collection, a new range of exclusive appliances undoubtedly meets the needs of most demanding home, both by design and by performance. This new range includes the washer ‘Crystal Blue’ refrigerator ‘Food Showcase’, the new energy efficient vacuum cleaner ‘Motion F800 Sync’ and new air conditioners ‘Triangle Design’.

According says Natalia Muñoz, Director of the division of white range and Air Conditioning of Samsung “Wissler is a revolutionary range, which marks a before and an after in the sector and, no doubt, is absolutely differential, both by its striking design and its advanced features. Each and every one of the users that are committed to these appliances not only has a high quality device and brings style to your home, but enjoy new experiences and will make the everyday into something extraordinary”.

The Samsung Premium Collection consists of the most advanced products in various product categories in which the Korean brand is present: washing, cold air and aspiration. From more efficient washing machines can be managed remotely through the wireless technology, refrigerators that change the traditional concept of space, through air conditioners that ensure optimal temperature and easy to use vacuum cleaners that provide full cleaning.

For this release the company has had the collaboration of designer Vicky Martin Berrocal has not only served as a sponsor of the event, but has designed two new appliance companies. After his experience with the brand Vicky said: “I believe that this proposal Samsung completely changes the concept of the appliance as we understood it until now. Any devices Samsung Premium Collection are not only a true example of design and sophistication, but are fully prepared for the technology of Samsung provides the user a different experience that allows enjoy true home”.

‘Samsung Crystal Blue’

The new Samsung washer features a revolutionary design that makes it unique. Its minimalist, modern look fits perfectly in any home, thanks to its finish in translucent glass, Crystal Blue, which reflects light and creates an attractive spectrum of colors. It also has a wide door-as it has increased the diameter porthole to 36 cm and a metal hinge dual axis 170 ° for easy opening so it’s easier to charge and discharge. It has a 5-inch touch screen and a series of smart features that provide intuitive operation. Of course, also features Smart Wifi function, which allows users to monitor and control the machine remotely via Wi-Fi using a smartphone application.

Samsung Premium Collection

Another of his innovations is the ‘Smart Wash’ program that activates four sensor detection technologies to collect information on capacity: volume, level of stains and dirt, amount of water and detergent necessary. And based on this information the machine decides the wash program, temperature, rinse cycle and other settings of the cycle.

Refrigerator ‘Food Showcase’

The refrigerator ‘Samsung ShowCase Food’ is finished in elegant royal blue screen steel and the door, which is specially created for the organization and use of food as easy as possible for each family member. Its innovative design offers a clever area separation in the refrigerator with two compartments: Daily Door to access frequently used food and Door Store for those who often have longer storage. Daily Door incorporates different customizable compartments to instantly take everyday foods, such as drinks or snacks, so that to get something from this area only open the outer door of the refrigerator thus saving energy. Unlike conventional models with a single outlet for cooling the refrigerator and freezer, the innovative Samsung All-Around Cooling, multi-output cooling cools evenly every inch of both the refrigerator and freezer.

In addition, the new ‘Food Showcase’ features multiple compartments for sauces customizable food, drinks, snacks and others is very easy to find foods that are sought. Divided into three zones, each food is located according to the needs of the family with an area for the kitchen (top level) and cheese sauces, other for all family members (intermediate) for drinks and appetizers and a children’s area (lower level) with food for the little kids.

Climate ‘H Series’

The air conditioners of the new Samsung H Series reinvent the industry by incorporating innovative technology Triangle Design. The latter provides faster at greater distances and wider air spaces as well as having the Smart Wireless feature that makes life more comfortable for users. Its triangular design gives an inlet conditioner wider air can absorb more air, a bigger fan, an improvement in the angle of air outlet and a greater number of slats which provides more control and better distribution of the air conditioning. Thus H Series provides efficient cooling airflow providing 26% faster and wider coverage of 14 meters.

Vacuum ‘F800 Motyon Sync’

This is the first vacuum cleaner that does not drag, driving thanks to its rotating body and the design of its wheels. Motion Sync has a pyramidal structure that maintains camera stability to any sharp turn; larger wheels convex reaching a top speed with less effort; and a rotating body on a pivot structure that enhances maneuverability and provides sharp and closed so you can conduct the pace of user turns. In addition, the new bagless vacuum cleaner from Samsung features the Multi CycloneForce technology, an innovative suction fourteen inner chambers that create a cyclonic air stream.

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