The Samsung HU8500 TVs are top teams that stand out both for their innovative design and their 4K image quality

The curved HU8500 TVs are big bet Samsung for this 2014. Available in formats 55, 65 and 78 inches, these models come to transform the way we watch TV in the living room. Plus, they are a powerful 4K resolution (four times the detail of Full HD panels) that generates the feeling of looking through a window to the real world. All this with the recently added in the field of Smart TV, as a dedicated soccer mode to enjoy the World Cup or the ability to combine a television channel and an app on the same screen. We tell you all the details on these curved TVs.

Undoubtedly, the big news this year is the introduction of curved TVs. Samsung has created models who want to recreate the way that our vision is built. As a result, more experience generates natural and immersive when put in front of one of these TVs. Of course it is a fact that must experience firsthand to fully appreciate the difference from flat TVs. In addition, another key is having these teams that enable a larger TV in a smaller space. This idea is interesting, because every time we buy larger TVs, but that does not mean that our salon has grown in the same way. One of the challenges posed by this type of TV is mounting on the wall. Samsung has managed to respond with a show that just sticks out a little over an inch from the wall about flat TVs last year.

In addition to this commitment by the curve, the design of HU8500 TVs stands out for their elegance, with a very thin frames and the use of a metal strip on the sides. As mentioned earlier, these TVs are available in formats of 55 inches, 65 inches and 78 inches. For model 55 inches, dimensions are 123.2 x 76.7 x 30.7 inches, while its weight is placed on the 23.8 kilos. The following model of 65 inches measured 145 x 89.1 x 32.6 inches and weighs 31 kilos, while the largest configuration 78 inches is placed in 175.4 x 107 x 37.5 inches and weighs 52.5 kilos.

In the field of the image, users can enjoy or 4K UHD. This resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels is four times the level of detail you can find in a panel Full HD, which we generate the sensation of watching directly through a window. For those files that are not available in 4K, the company has developed a powerful climber improves picture resolution and eliminates the noise of the scenes, so that we can achieve a remarkable quality in HD and Full HD content.


In addition, the company has also introduced a number of advanced technologies to enhance the viewing experience. On the one hand, it is noteworthy Auto Depth Enhancer. This technology analyzes the scenes according to a motion algorithm in real time and determines which objects are placed in the foreground and what is background. It increases contrast of the elements that are closer and decreases the contrast of the farthest. The result is similar to the 3D effect without glasses. It also has technology Pur Color, with the most vivid and natural colors are achieved. All this is possible thanks to a Quad Core processor + doubling the performance of a quad-core processor. In the field of 3D, curved TVs Samsung include two active to enjoy a fuller experience of this type of content glasses. As usual, we also have a converter 2D image to 3D.

Today, Samsung is the company that has a more complete platform of smart features. But that does not mean that the mark has been resting on their laurels. In fact, this year the firm has built several very attractive features and improved other aspects already present in previous generations. From the first, probably the most liked feature representing us is the new Smart Control command (command or Premium). It is a device with a curved design that is very comfortable to grip. Its novelty is in the use of a pointer via Bluetooth that can be moved across the screen to access the different content and surf the TV. It is the first manufacturer that focuses on this idea, but the smoothness and ease of use of this pointer are very high. Also, by not using infrared do not have to be pointed directly at the TV.

Another feature is worth noting the use of the split screen. The novelty is that when we activate this function, the applications interact. That means that if for example we are watching a football game and open the browser automatically split screen search results related to this event will be searched. We can also use other apps like YouTube (with search related videos) or other video platforms.

In the field of sound, the curved HU8500 TVs of the brand incorporating four speakers 15W for total sound power of 60W. The company has used the curved design of this TV to improve the transmission of audio and create a more powerful effect on low.

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