The Samsung HU6900 TVs are a very interesting proposal for true 4K resolution

The TVs of the HU6900 TV Series of Samsung are flat with 4K resolution. These teams make it an excellent choice for users who want to still make the jump to television curved (or do not find it advantageous to this design). And that without sacrificing the latest technologies in image processing and Smart TV, or a more moderate price. The TV Series HU6900 can be found on the market in formats 40 inches, 50 inches and 55 inches. We will have all the details of these models in depth analysis.

The Samsung HU6900 Televisions have UHD 4K or 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. This feature has become the major engine manufacturers to revitalize a market that had been weakened in recent times. This resolution is four times the level of detail found in Full HD panels, to the point that we have the impression of looking through a window to the real world. Although most content with this resolution there every time, still be many times when you see TV in lower quality. Therefore, the series TVs HU6900 use a quad-core processor that features a powerful climber. It is capable of converting images in Full HD and HD to 4K and eliminates the noise to get higher quality. Another aspect that is noteworthy of these TVs is a good refresh rate of 200 Hz Clear Motion, with which fluid scenes are achieved even in the case of movies and action.

These devices also integrate 4K 3D functionality. This is a function that has lost a lot of weight in recent years but is present in most high-end equipment. Samsung uses active glasses (with battery) with a 3D image in higher resolution is achieved, although can become tiresome rather than the passive system. Anyway, the 3D effect is very accomplished and we can get a very rich experience. In addition, we can also dip into the converter 2D to 3D contents. Although as good as in the case of native content experience is not achieved if we allow just a little bit of entertainment.

The TVs of HU6900 series used a design background and very fine it attractive, while recognizing that seeing the curved brand teams can get to know a little. These models have very significantly reduced the frame, so that we will have the feeling of being in an even bigger screen (plus the space needed in the classroom is reduced). On the sides has entered silver metal strip that adds an elegant touch. This same aspect is in the back of the stand, with the logo of Samsung on the right side. This base has an elongated rectangular design is quite classic.

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The Korean company markets these models in formats of 40 inches, 50 inches and 55 inches. Note that in the case of equipment 40 inches you lose some sense in using 4K resolution, as this effect is seen most notably the larger the size of the team. This output configuration has dimensions of 91.7 x 58.6 x 25.8 inches and weighs 11.4 kilos. The following configuration of 50 inches with dimensions of 112.8 x 70.2 x 27.5 inches and weighs 17 kilos. Finally, the configuration is larger 55-inch, 123.9 x 76.5 x 27 5 inches and a weight of 25 kilos.

Definitely one of the great attractions of the Samsung TVs is smart features. The company has improved many of these issues and has introduced new proposals to be placed, once again, as the benchmark for this market. Among the new additions, one of the points that we liked is the introduction of a new intelligent control called Smart Control. This command uses a pointer on the screen via Bluetooth, so you do not have to aim directly at the TV to move the pointer. However, the great success of this control is at the level of accuracy and response is reached.

As a result, the functions like browsing the internet, writing text or move through the menus is very agile. Speaking of control, Samsung has improved obviously two alternative control modes such as the control through voice and through gesture. In the first case, the orders have become more intuitive and have reached a very high degree of maturity, so that it’s easy to perform the desired action without making any tutorial. The other alternative way is the gesture control. Now, you no longer need full arm motion, it is sufficient to do hand gestures. Although its performance has improved, it is still necessary to much progress in this field.

We also noticed a feature split screen to work with several applications. The novelty of this feature is that different apps automatically interact., that is, if for example we are watching a film like “Inception” on a television channel and open this feature with the browser instantly will be held a related search this film. Or if we are watching a football game in front Barca with Madrid and open YouTube, we can see a list of related videos in this platform. Definitely a cool feature that still has a long road ahead.

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