Samsung Gear Fit, one of the most attractive smart accessories

The Samsung Gear Fit is the first smart bracelet of Samsung. An accessory that comes to laying the foundation for a new generation of wearable devices with a very attractive design with curved screen and several advanced features. Through Gear Fit we can keep track of our daily exercise, measure your pulse or receive various notification phones as the list of receiving calls, messages or emails received last. All this with a good range of three to four days easy to use and we avoid the difficult task of having to charge it every night.

It is obvious that the great attraction of the Samsung Gear Fit is its curved screen with a size of 1.84 inches, which helps the accessory fits snugly on your wrist and it becomes a very elegant and unobtrusive bracelet. This visual appeal can convert to Fit in one of the star gifts coming months.

Also, this is the first panel Super AMOLED curved Marketplace, which repositioned the company in a strong position in this field. But on a practical level, the great advantage of having a screen of this type is its luminosity. The owners of one of the latest smartphones flags of the brand and have noticed this feature. No more searching for a shadow in a sunny to see the time or the latest data from our workout day. The panel of the Samsung Gear Fit is visible even under direct sunlight, and this is a significant competitive advantage. Moreover, the resolution reaches this screen is the 432 x 128 pixels, figures more than enough to display menus and notifications of this accessory.

As you can see from the picture, bracelet Samsung incorporates a flexible plastic strap to hold the area of the sphere, which can be easily removed from the holder. This allows us to further customization when choosing different straps that fit our tastes. Currently, the Korean company will market three colors of lead orange, black and gray. The Gear Fit is very light and can be carried very discreetly on the wrist, an advantage over the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, which has a considerable size and can draw attention. The Fit has a weight of only 27 grams.

Another of the keys to this bracelet design is undoubtedly its resistance to water and dust. The company has reinforced the complement a certified IP67. In practical terms, that means we can dip the bracelet in one meter of water for half an hour, and endure such a shower or running in the rain. This model becomes a reliable tool in any situation for those who like to perform more extreme sports.

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The main function of this smart bracelet is to serve as a complement to the use of a smartphone or a tablet from the Korean company. This accessory allows you to control some of the features of the phone through the bracelet and receive notifications of some of the mobile device without removing it from your pocket. That is synchronized via Bluetooth. Notices served on this bracelet include recent calls or received messages. Furthermore, we can also use the Fit to control the media player of the phone.

But the most attractive use of this bracelet will come when exercising. And this bracelet is synchronized with the implementation Samsung Health to keep fit. For example, we can go out alone with this bracelet to keep track of the distance we travel through the pedometer and then the data is synchronized with your phone when you get home. In addition, it also incorporates a sensor called a heart rate monitor will allow us to measure heart rate and measure our response to various exercises. Using this tool is pretty agile, but requires you to be a few seconds in silence and without moving the wrist to give the result. Another curious feature comprises this bracelet is the ability to measure our activity during sleep to analyze if we are having proper sleep cycles, but still could not analyze in depth this cool feature.

The interface of the Samsung Gear Fit is very similar to what we find in the company of smart watches. Of course, in this case it is a proprietary system of Samsung, and no platform Tizen or Android. Every time you slide your finger laterally in a new display panel displays icons to access different functions of this machine. One aspect to be highlighted is the ability to customize the wallpaper. This customization can be carried out in either the same bracelet as through a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the settings panel. We can also customize the way in which the clock is displayed, from classic designs like you see in the later pictures like other modes or even more psychedelic in analog watches. In general, we say that the menus are fairly simple attachment and easy familiarization.

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