Samsung Galaxy Tab4 10.1, a reissue of one of the most balanced catalog tablets

Here is the new generation of Samsung Android Tablet aimed for the field of consumption. Following the success of its previous models Galaxy Tab 3, the Korean company launches three new computers formats 7, 8 and 10 inches. The Samsung Galaxy Tab4 10.1 features a slim design and light below 500 grams, integrates the latest version of Android 4.4 KitKat and has the possibility to bet on a 4G module to achieve very high connection speeds of up to 150 Mbps. We will have full details on the Samsung Galaxy Tab4 10 inches in depth analysis.

In the field of design, the Korean company has kept the key that made their previous release one of the most successful of the universe tablets Android. It is a team with a classic design and rounded corners for easy grip. Samsung has kept this model dimensions similar to those encountered in the 2013 model, with remarkable finesse below 8 mm (7.95 mm) that make it a very attractive tablet. This fineness joins weighing 487 grams, which itself has improved what we saw in the previous release (510 grams). Anyway, this figure makes for a lightweight tablet that is easy to operate for longer periods of time without getting your hands get tired. The Asian company will market this model in a setting color black with a classic look and white with a modern and fresh look.

Furthermore, the TFT panel this tablet has a size of 10.1 inches, the standard on which most of the larger tablets that can be found in the market moves. The resolution of this screen is 1280 x 800 pixels, one of the least powerful specifications found in this model, although it is sufficient for many common functions such as navigation equipment through the network or using different apps like Facebook or Skype.

The photographic section of the Samsung Galaxy Tab4 10.1 is quite simple, but it does just enough to get by. In the rear of the unit we find a camera with a resolution of 3 megapixels with autofocus, while in the front have a camera 1.3 megapixel serving seamlessly to take advantage of videoconferencing apps such as Skype and Hangouts. As we often say in these cases, especially when this is a tablet with 10-inch format, surely would have been more profitable than Samsung and eliminate the rear camera plus front had boosted aim to improve “selfies” that can be taken.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab4 10.1 incorporates an internal memory of 16GB to store your multimedia, applications and games files. This capability can stay somewhat short if for example we store many videos. For users who need more space, there is the possibility of expanding memory through a MicroSD up to 64 GB. Regarding the power, we have a good quad core processor with a power of 1.2 GHz that joins a memory of 1.5 GB RAM to run most games and applications Android with a remarkable level of fluency. In addition, improved memory RAM is a way to run more apps simultaneously without slowing down the computer and to take advantage of the function multiwindow Samsung (to be discussed in the next paragraph).

The tablet from Samsung has the latest operating system Android 4.4 KitKat. This review of the platform Google has the outstanding innovation important improvement in the fluidity with which you can run the menus and apps, even on computers with more limited technical picture. Furthermore, this system offers a broad universe of applications over one million titles in the official store. Some of the names that sound more recently are Facebook, Telegram (an interesting alternative to the WhatsApp), Candy Crush Saga or Instagram. The market of apps for this platform has reached a good level of maturity that will allow us to customize your computer to your own liking with quality tools.

Among the Korean company’s own applications, it is noteworthy undoubtedly the introduction of multi-feature. This option allows you to split the screen into several blocks with different applications and play at will with the size of each of the windows. It is a good tool to perform multiple actions at once without having to switch between apps function.

In the field of connections Samsung will market two different versions of this tablet. One will have free WiFi and 3G, so you can connect anywhere you have mobile data coverage (provided we have hired a data plan, of course) and a second more advanced version that also serve to connect to 4G networks up to 150 Mbps is also worth noting the connection WiFi Direct. This technology allows us to connect two computers directly compatible to transfer information without prior connect to the same WiFi network.

Another connection is present GPS, very useful to exploit the integrated browser Google, or Bluetooth 4.0, to synchronize two computers that are at close range, such as a wireless speaker or other mobile device. The connections are completed with a port USB 2.0 to recharge the tablet and connect to a computer to transfer files.

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