Samsung Galaxy Tab S, lists of apps that Samsung offers its users  

The South Korean company Samsung does not offer a powerful and fancy terminal. That is why, with its last line of tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S (8.4 and 10.5), presented a selection of applications specially developed to take advantage of their HD screens. And, with Super AMOLED panel capable of resolutions of 2560 x 1600 pixels, the content should be well designed to maximize quality, sharpness and colors that are able to display.


This is an exclusive application for Samsung launched especially with these tablets Galaxy Tab S. A service intended for viewing magazines in a unique way, enjoy the image quality achieved through the screen of this device, but without leaving the possibilities of interaction and multimedia content. Thus Papergarden offers together under a single application of collections and digital magazine subscriptions adapting all user content for better readability and always respecting the design and aesthetics. An experience that recalls the role, but enjoying videos, links, animations and sounds on different pages. A service that has been developed in collaboration with the publisher Condé Nast to enjoy magazines like Vogue, GQ, Golf Digest… plus many other publications known as National Geographic, whose photography magazines come to Android exclusively through these tablets.

SideSync 3.0 

Undoubtedly one of the most practical for users working on options tablet but, for professional or personal reasons, can not be separated from the phone. And, with it, you can answer the phone directly on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, like a terminal. No need to carry the terminal or can continue the work being done while talking on phone. All are on the same device.

Remote PC

This tool also facilitates the productivity of users who choose these tablets to supplement. Using Remote PC users can access the contents of your computer from the tablet. And not only that. You can also transfer files between two devices to avoid cutting the pace. All this from a place that is as long as the tablet and the computer are synchronized with the program Remote PC.


This is the music service streaming Internet or through Samsung. One option for users who wish to access a large number of songs and genres without having to listen to commercials and several extra possibilities. Issues such as the striking control wheel that allows playback and jumping between genres and styles comfortably, or EQ that can transform a playlist based on criteria you select the user through some simple fun bars, rhythm and mood. That itself is a subscription service that currently only works in the United States.

Samsung WatchON

In this case it is an old acquaintance for users of Samsung Galaxy S5. it is a tool that gives access to TV and movie service to the letter of this company. With it you can access content, information know what plays and movies and to see at any time and place. But these main applications are not the only tools that accompany the user of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. The South Korean company has also collaborated with other tools and services for bring more value to its device thanks to some improvements have included applications for it.

My library: A special feature of Google Play, Store content Google for Android, where the user of these tablets can quickly access the content purchased and downloaded it possesses. A tool that also has a widget or shortcut to place on the desktop of the tablet and the time to get any of this content. An important point since Samsung gives users acquire their tablets Galaxy Tab S film Gravity, and other contents of Google Play.

Netflix: content service through Internet known the world over has also been present in the presentation of these tablets. And is that finally provides content for the first time and exclusively in high resolution Full HD to enjoy shows and movies with quality across all the screens Super AMOLED.

Flipboard: The known aggregator of content and creative tool magazine has helped Samsung has created Content Home. It is a very complete home screen for these tablets where the user can find all kinds of information. From financial items, current affairs and weather information to more social or entertainment content. All in the same place, but in an orderly and visually appealing.

Samsung-Galaxt-Tab-S-ScreenBesides these applications created by Samsung or specially designed for these tablets, the South Korean company has made ​​a significant outlay to offer content and quality services to its users. It is something that has always paid much attention. Proof of this was the gift in the form of applications offered to users who purchased a smartphone Galaxy S5. Question now repeats its new range of tablets. So, anyone who decides to go for the screens Super AMOLED of the range Samsung Galaxy Tab S (8.4 and 10.5), you can enjoy a whole range of services, accessories and applications that were originally paid, totally free. These are:

Asphalt 8: This is a free racing game well known to fans of this genre. A thrilling title for which Samsung is giving away a pack of vehicles valued at $ 20.

Bitcasa: A storage service in the cloud where to store photos, videos, music and other content. Space Samsung expands up to 1 TB for storing large collections of content for three months.

Bloomberg Businessweek +: An information channel market and financial to which the user can access freely and free through the subscription that gives Samsung for a year.

Box: This is another great online storage services. It is a place where all have a safe place thanks to 50 GB of extra space that the user of these new tablets from Samsung can be used for six months.

Cisco WebEx Meetings: A Tool to attend meetings from anywhere. With it is not only possible to follow what is said listening to different workers, but to see presentations and documents between. Issues are totally free and unlimited for six months thanks to Samsung.

Colossatron: A set of robots in the destruction premium above all. Title normally has a price of 0.65 cents and Samsung offers the free along with a pack of added objects valued at $ 6.

Conde Nast Magazines: A tool that Samsung gives free access to special editions of magazines such as Vogue, GQ and more.

Cut the rope 2: This is the sequel to one of the most addictive mobile games. A free of charge for which Samsung offers a bonus of added accessories and valued at $ 15.

Dropbox: One of the storage services in cloud and most widely known. Something that users of these tablets will benefit thanks to 50GB extra space for two years that gives Samsung.

Easilydo: An assistant staff able to remember dates, target dates, follow package shipments, report addresses and much more for free for six months.

Evernote: note application has also been cast in this listing. And is that Samsung offers everything one year of service Premium totally free.

Family Guy: the strategy game Family Guy also has a hole in the Samsung tablet. Even more knowing that users have extra content valued at $15.

Fruit Ninja: Another star games for smartphones and tablets where the user becomes cutting fruit ninja jumping around the screen. It is the title which can be downloaded for free and other rewards within the app worth $ 6 thanks to Samsung.

Hancom Office: Users concerned with managing and bring with their documents also have their own free app.

Kindle for Samsung: Enjoying a 8 or 10 inches, depending on the model of Galaxy Tab S, Samsung was expected to not bet on the publishing world. Therefore gives a book a month through this service.

Learn Inglés – Voxy: A complete English course that the user can go through your tablet form totally free for three months thanks to Samsung.

LinkedIn: This professional social network also has its own premium service or pay for making the most labor relations. Something which can be used completely free for three months.

LIVESPORT.TV: But if you are interested in sports, with this application, thanks to Samsung, you can enjoy live sports for six months through these tablets.

Marvel Unlimited: Superheroes also have a hole in Samsung tablets. With this deal the user can access for three months subscription comics editor of this form totally free.

PayPal: Very interesting is also the possibility of all kinds of discounts and take advantage of deals when managing payments through Internet with this application. And it is that Samsung offers deals and discounts valued up to $ 50 for it.

Pocket: Application for save Internet content and articles to read later is also present in this collection of gifts from Samsung. In your case, with a six-month subscription to avoid putting limits on this tool.

Real Cloud Player: storage of films and videos on the Internet through this service also extends thanks to the Samsung deal. In this case with a Gold subscription rate for six months that expands the available space to 100 GB.

Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-S-For-GamingRemote PC: But if you need the user is to access your computer through the screen of this tablet, this application has all the permissions and possibilities for free for no less than two years thanks to Samsung.

The Economist: The application of this financial newspaper has also been included among the gifts of Samsung to satisfy the information needs of the user. A tool you can use to find all the information for free for half a year.

The Wall Street Journal: The world famous American newspaper is also present through the subscription free for six months.

The Washington Post: Another highly prestigious newspaper, where appropriate, provides all information free to the user for half a year.

The New York Times: This world famous magazine closes the information catalog gifts Samsung to buy one of their tablets Galaxy Tab S with a subscription of around one year to their content for free.

Workout Trainer: Finally, those who want to get fit have the possibility to follow a complete table with all kinds of exercises, with this service subscription payment for six months.

In short, a collection of applications that touch all areas, investing heavily in information and also entertainment. And that have screens of 8.4 inches or 10.5 to a maximum resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels is a pleasure to enjoy games, movies, photographs or reading. Something that Samsung has been commissioned to provide beyond the device, giving a good selection of applications and services through them.

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