The Samsung Galaxy S5 has come with improvements over the previous generation

Just a few days left for the new flagship of the Korean company hits the market. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is destined to become one of the mobile benchmarks for this year at the level of modernity and design, but many of the improvements incorporated are not easy to see at a glance, as it has focused more on the features available and in the software to improve the specifications. To discover the main features of the new Galaxy S5, we have had the opportunity to take a closer look next to one of the product managers of Samsung.

One of the aspects that have been said about the Samsung Galaxy S5 is its design. In terms of size, just change its terminal screen format regarding the Samsung Galaxy S4, 5 inches from the latter to the 5.1 inches. But then you notice that the Galaxy S5 has a more stylish design and modern. This team is committed to a cover with imitation leather which is very comfortable to hold (this effect is greater in settings with dark colors, because in the blank configuration has been chosen by a housing in which less adhering dirt). On the sides were used stripes with silver metallic appearance that are elegant.

Overall, this is a terminal that follows the guidelines of design Samsung Galaxy Note 3, although in this case we have included a few small holes in the casing which slightly change the feeling of the grip. Yes, still a clear commitment polycarbonate, a material that is more flexible and works better with communications, but that does not please all users (many prefer to use metal). This bet has another advantage, the ability to remove the battery if necessary, something that is impossible in the models that are built in one piece. Incidentally, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will initially market configurations in black, blue, gold and white.

The Korean company has worked long enough to get its terminal is resistant to both water and dust. And it has done in its design keeping the ability to remove the battery or replace it with another, a capability that becomes one of the great advantages of equipment Samsung. Certification IP67 means that we dip the mobile for a long time (at least half an hour) to a maximum depth of one meter without suffering any damage, and it also has a very high resistance to the effects of dust and sand.

Samsung Galaxy S5 1

Of course that does not make it a mobile to use while diving, but we will run the team in case we fall into the water by accident. What can we do underwater? As explained to us from the Korean company, the water pressure on the screen prevents finger touch recognition, so the use is reduced to shooting. For this, Samsung has enabled the volume button so that it serves as a trigger.

One of the big keys to this new Galaxy is in the rear chamber. Usually talking about megapixels, but in fact this feature is only useful as a measure in case you want to take pictures then we will use to create posters or you want to highlight one small detail. The change from the previous Galaxy is light at this point, since the 13 megapixel resolution up to 16 megapixels. Where did they put the accent is on the optics used and the functions and operation of the camera. In the first case, the novelty lies in improved autofocus just 0.3 seconds, so you can take pictures with a rapidly without having to wait for the approach of the elements occurs.

Moreover, as in the HTC One M8 (the flagship of the Taiwanese company) have a curious feature that will allow us to focus on the first approach or the background, making the rest look more blurry. The operation of this feature is simpler than the mobile of HTC, since in this case there is no double lens, but still a nice option.

Another function that has been improved is the way HDR, designed so that we can get sharper photos in low or bright light. This function now becomes a general way we can change quickly (before was to be found between the different shooting modes). We also liked very much the way “and shot”.

Basically, this is a photo mode that records in all shooting modes available, such as ways to better show the faces or to the deletion of an object that appears in motion. It is after you take the shot when we can decide the mode that best suits the snapshot. Keep in mind that when this picture is taken further information is captured and therefore will take up more memory space (the test we performed occupied 27 megs). After editing the picture and choose the method can delete the original photograph to not spend space.


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