Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and LG G2 Mini have the similarities continue throughout their technical profile

The craze for smartphones with large screens has run riot, but there are many users who prefer the comfort of a more manageable device. There is no doubt that on a big screen everything looks better, but the functionality of a compact terminal is lost. That is why the major manufacturers have strived to offer its customers a compact edition of its most advanced handsets. Samsung started this trend with the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, and repeated with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, the terminal will compare with a direct competitor: the LG G2 Mini. Although both carry the nickname “mini”, the fact is that the terminal LG is not as compact. Both are based on the idea of offering the experience of using the top end of each brand, but in a smaller chassis. Below we see the main differences.

As mentioned, the LG G2 Mini is not as compact as expected in a model “mini”. Its screen is 4.7 inches diagonally and has 960 x 540 pixel resolution, resulting in a density of 234 ppi. Meanwhile the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has a screen 4.3-inch Super AMOLED with the same resolution, but its small size makes the density is higher, namely 256 ppi.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is more compact and light, perfect if you are looking to handle the phone with one hand smoothly and carry in your pocket without interfering the least. Its design is virtually modeled on the original model. It has rounded shapes and a silver frame around it. The LG G2 Mini is slightly larger, but it is noteworthy that have managed to encircle the screen edges so that the total size is not triggered. Their shapes are also very rounded and must highlight the position of the power and volume buttons, instead of being on the side stood at the back, just below the camera.

Both models have an eight-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash that can also record video FullHD. This configuration is common in medium to high end range, produces videos and large images to view them on a screen computer or even a TV. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini provides some unique features such as Sound & Shot recording sound with images, night mode, the improvement Portraits Face Beauty, sports mode or continuous shooting. The LG Mini G2 has how HDR, panoramic and face detector. Both have a front camera, 1.9-megapixel in the Mini and Samsung Galaxy S4 1.3 megapixel for LG terminal.

The profile media of both are quite complete and can play all kinds of files, whether music, video, images or documents. They also have FM radio. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has the function Play Group, used to share media files in real time with other compatible handsets.


Power is another point that is virtually tied, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini remains slightly ahead. Both have a dual core processor Snapdragon 400, but the Samsung’s works at 1.7 Ghz while the LG makes it to 1.2 Ghz. Also Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has 1.5 Gb of RAM, while its opponent has 1 Gb. We continue with the memory, but in this case the internal.. Both have a background 8Gb capacity. They also accept memory cards MicroSD, but the Samsung Galaxy Mini is compatible with S4 units 64 Gb while the LG G2 Mini only 32 Gb.

The LG G2 Mini has an advantage in paragraph operating system since, to be newer, comes with Android 4.4 KitKat, the most current version of Android. However, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, the company has confirmed that s was one of the models to be updated to the latest version, so soon will be tied. What’s the difference here are the special features provided by each manufacturer. Samsung includes applications such as Travel S, S Translator, S Health and assistant S Voice. It also has photo album Album Story, gallery organized by date and locations to make it easier to find what we seek. Meanwhile, the LG G2 Mini has the function KnockON, a pattern that allows us to unlock the screen giving a series of touches on its surface. It also has Capture Plue, Plug & Pop and Clip Tray.

Again, the similarities are obvious in terms of the connections. For Internet access there are several methods to choose from, the two terminals support networks 4G networks 3G and of course WiFi (a / / b / g / n / ac). They also have Bluetooth 4.0, DLNA, antenna GPS, a chip NFC, microUSB 2.0 and connecting headphones. The Samsung Galaxy Mini is also equipped S4 port infrared.

Finally mention is the battery, or rather, of autonomy. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has a battery of 1,900 milliamps which will be on 12 hours in use and about 300 hours in standby. The LG G2 Mini battery takes 2,240 milliamps, but LG has not disclosed specific information about its duration. However, the original model (LG G2) gets a really extensive autonomy, so its little brother should go on the same line.

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