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Its name is Samsung Galaxy Round, and has the privilege of being the first mobile signature Korean to be sold with OLED screen technology that allows curving, using its flexible nature. This Samsung Galaxy Round is official; breaking rumors in recent days have come anticipating its existence. But the Samsung Galaxy Round is not only a terminal that leverages the extravagant curvature of your panel to propose some ergonomics of use, but it also comes equipped with everything a carousel of benefits that ranks among the great phones in the market.

Making a brief summary of what we can be, we will see the Samsung Galaxy Round has a panel of 5.7 inches, a design highlighted by a thickness of only 7.9 millimeters and rear finish that mimics the skin tissue, as in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. In addition, the latest technology equips connections LTE high-speed mobile carries a thirteen-megapixel camera and quad-core processor more powerful of the market: 800 Snapdragon. Let us see in more detail what gives this terminal.

Display and Design

There is no doubt that the main argument that has this phone to call the attention of the market is at this point. The design and screen are stranded on any smartphone, but the Samsung Galaxy Round this connection is even more intimate. Because the device at hand describes an unsubtle curvature concave presents it in front view, and thanks to the installation of technology that Samsung developed to manufacture flexible touch screens.

But also from South Korea wanted to up the ante, and parade on the Samsung Galaxy Round of a generous format, catching up with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. We are, therefore, before a tablet, that is to say, a mobile phone with large screen, presenting a panel of 5.7 inch with resolution high-definition (1,920 x 1,080 pixels).

On the other hand, and since entering into the design itself, beyond the peculiar curvature that describes its structure, we can say that is a very thin phone with a profile of just 7.9 mm. Its weight also is more than reasonable, scoring 154 grams on the scale, which both thinness and lightness comes in to beat its benchmark, the aforementioned Galaxy Note 3.



Again, the reference point is the tablet that the manufacturer introduced just a month ago. Two sensors are equipped on the Samsung Galaxy Round. The main, located in the back of the terminal, develops a maximum resolution for pictures of thirteen megapixels, and is supported by an LED flash. We do not have data revealed that the power point to video recording, although the proximity that has this phone in performance compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 invites to think that film will have three modes: UHD, FullHD and HD 720p available each with catch rates of 30, 60 and 120 frames per second, respectively, adding the Samsung Galaxy Round the wave of phones that can register sequences in slow motion. As for the secondary camera on the front, reaches a maximum resolution of two megapixels.


This Samsung Galaxy Round still rolling on the rails of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which we will find a profile of very complete multimedia support. And when we say very complete, we spare in scope. Virtually any video format, audio or video will be available from theĀ  Samsung Galaxy Round, of which recognize the H.264, MPEG-4, H.263, VC-1, WMV7, WMV8, Sorenson Spark, MP43, VP8, HEVC , MP3, AAC / AAC + / eAAC +, WMA, AMR-NB/WB and Vorbis, FLAC and WAV also supported 192KHz / 24 bit. This is very interesting, since we are so with the possibility of listening to recorded music discs in Hi-Fi, i.e. with the highest quality recording.

Power and memory

We take as reference the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, so that the Samsung Galaxy Round has the good sense to install the current reference processor Qualcomm California. We refer to the Snapdragon 800, quad core unit that operates with a clock frequency of 2.3 GHz also equips the device under consideration the higher RAM market, along with the aforementioned tablet phone clear reference this terminal-, which we find three GB.

In terms of storage, there will be versions for internal memory. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy Round will be available in a single edition equipped with 32 GB capacity. In any case, we could always expand capacity using a microSD memory card up to 64 GB.

Operating System and Applications

It is the ultimate. This seems to be the mantra of the Samsung Galaxy Round, which does not leave much less in the section that concerns us. And this phone runs on the latest operating system from Google for smart phones. We talked about Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, a platform that is now present in very few devices outside the series Nexus.

As for applications, the Samsung Galaxy Round inherits all the utilities and functions of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, both which equips them to do tasks with the stylus S Pen, such as those that can operate autonomously. Anyway, what is most interesting to note at this point is the presence of a couple of applications that have a certain line with sharply curved screen Samsung Galaxy Round. One is Roll Effect, which uses concave panel format to navigate between various choices of the system when the display is off. The other is Gravity Effect, which makes accelerometer sensors converge with the curvature of the screen to generate dynamic effects.


Here the Samsung Galaxy Round ago to fifteen full with all of the law. This terminal incorporates everything you would expect of a smartphone in the first class section connections. The highlight, however, is the sensor to access data networks fourth generation. It is a unit LTE Advance, more powerful than the so-called Long Term Evolution standard. It is a very important, although in practice this will be a dead letter in our country, where networks do not support this standard.

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Round solvency responds so effectively when incorporating everything you would expect. It has 3G, Wi-Fi compliant with multiple regulations and standards, options Hotspot and Wi-Fi Direct, recognition and AllShare DLNA environments-this is after all the native DLNA Samsung – art Bluetooth, microUSB support MHL adapter 2.0 and FM tuner, and GPS and GLONASS. Who gives more?


Well, yes. Finally Samsung did. With this Samsung Galaxy Round the South Korean firm culminating in its aspiration to launch the first mobile flexible display. Some might vindicate the Nexus S as the first to file a curved screen, and therefore flexible. However, the incline level describing the Samsung Galaxy Round concave format only has been possible thanks to the technology that has been derived from the prototype that Samsung presented this year as Youm, and let even see in a device that it folded panel by the ends of a smartphone that has nothing to do with the phone that we are concerned.

Beyond that we can understand more or less anecdotal line that describes the screen, and thus the design of the Samsung Galaxy Round, the reality is that this is a powerful machine and loaded with performance of the highest level. The first known price for this terminal point, respecting the currency exchange, about 750 euros, which even at that emulate this Samsung Galaxy Round the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Why would we want ourselves to the Samsung Galaxy Round rather than with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Both have 5.7-inch FullHD screens, thirteen megapixel camera, and Snapdragon processors 800 and running Android 4.3. Basically, both of them apart and can make especially attractive to Samsung Galaxy Round. To begin, it is thinner and lighter. And besides, may be more ergonomically comfortable. This, however, remains to be seen until it reaches our hands.

By the way, the battery of the Samsung Galaxy Round is less amperage than its benchmark, the Galaxy Note 3. In this case, we came across a unit of 2,800 milliamp fronts of the 3,000 milliamperes of the team who we met last month. For now, we can only applaud its strong technical background and be distinguished achievement, once again, among the other teams that populate the increasingly crowded field of tablet phone.

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