Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The phablet of the year

Without any doubts, before the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5, it has become the best phablet of the year not because of the leaked specification but we know that Samsung would manage to bring the best to the world in the figure of Note 5.


So far everything seems to be perfect for the Note 5, for example camera configuration that is already tested with the Samsung Galaxy S6. And yes the same 16MP and 5MP camera sets would be available in the Note 5. And compared to the S5, S6 came up with the all improved camera specs. Another improved and links with the latter aspect is modes available in the app. At first glance it may perish great that there dedicated to different activities (auto, sport, food) modes but the reality is that it is annoying to have to activate a specific way to make a photo that may be lost by the time that you have activated mode.


Sports mode is what makes a fast shutter priority, sacrificing ISO and therefore giving more noise to the image if there is insufficient light. This is actually a need created by the choice of using a 16-megapixel sensor with small pixels. You can come in handy in some situations, but being somewhat more conservative with the megapixels, the S6 could always use a fast shutter, eliminating the need to use a specific mode. And it could happen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

In the end, we can say for the Samsung Galaxy S6, the rate of release of the camera application did not lose any important moment and gave 16 megapixel photos re-frame game with almost total freedom.Yes, I think that an aspect ratio of 3: 2 have been better than the 16: 9 in S6 and there are some interface elements that can be improved, but Samsung has done a great job improving what we saw in the S5 and Note 4 and S6 has become the first Android smartphone with a camera.

Competition is fierce and the LG G4 recently has been presented with a very promising camera too; however today and based on my experiences the Galaxy S6 has the best camera on a smartphone with Android and little or nothing to envy the iPhone. And Galaxy Note 5 will still remain lower to the Apple iPhone 6S Plus, it could be said after the release of 6S Plus.


One thing is clear; the world of compact cameras is dying while smartphones improve rapidly. What a few years ago it was fantasy today is reality, and it is no longer necessary to use a dedicated camera for our memories, we can also edit and share instantly. It’s fun to compare mobile cameras and discuss what is best, but we must not lose sight that they are tools to express our creativity. Above all remember: the best camera is the one you carry, so wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


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