Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 as the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo will hit the market in just a few days

Samsung renews its smart watches with the arrival of a new configuration (the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo) and significant developments concerning software and design. These devices are used as an accessory to a clock or tablet brand for transferring different device functions such as receiving notifications, making calls or multimedia control. The breakthrough of the Korean company has been the promise of radically improved autonomy, from the first day of use Galaxy Gear until three or four days of this second generation. Here are the details about these smart watches.

We were unable to test its performance still several days of continuous use, but the importance of this improvement makes we place first. According says Samsung, with these watches we can move from a one day use up to three or four days without re-charging. Undoubtedly, this obstacle was one of the major criticisms that had received the first version of the watch company. This significant jump in autonomy has been achieved through the operating system Tizen (instead of Android), which Samsung is developing with other companies and operators.

Other important keys that have received the new watches company found in its design. And these models incorporate the whole body of cables and mechanisms within the same sphere, whereas in the first version to accommodate straps wired microphone were used. This caused it to make a call through the smartphone had to talk directly to the metal part of the belt (as seen in photo), a position that was strange and awkward. Now we can make calls in a more natural way talking to the area (if you can say that talking to a watch is natural). This use of a single body to accommodate the entire clock mechanism can release the straps, which are interchangeable as in the case of traditional clocks and allow us to customize the device to your liking.

Another interesting change is found in the presence of a small button just under the panel, which serves as the “home” button on Android or iOS smartphones. In the first version was missing a button that would allow us quick access to the main screen so. In addition, the new design watches Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo is certified IP67. That means we can immerse the equipment in water to a depth of one meter for long periods without any danger of affecting mechanisms. One caveat: if you plan to wear this watch to the beach and swim in the sea, from Samsung is recommended that after washing is carried out with fresh water and salt water is corrosive and may damage the team long term. Moreover, we can choose the belt color orange, gray and black in the case of Samsung Gear 2 Neo colors and black, orange and golden brown in the case of Samsung Gear 2.

The Korean company has decided to deploy two different watch models. Besides the variation in colors, the fundamental difference between the two models lies in the clever clock presence of a simple camera 2 megapixel on the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2. Its Gear 2 Neo decides to dispense with this camera, many users were unnecessary. And if you use one of these watches you will create a smartphone or tablet to take pictures and videos out of higher quality. Despite this deletion, the two teams have very similar shapes.

Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 has dimensions of 36.9 x 58.4 x 10 mm while the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo reaches 37.9 x 58.8 x 10 mm. Where self is most noticeable difference is the weight, as the most advanced model has 68 grams of weight while the Neo stays at 55 grams. Anyway, this is a fairly lightweight watch that can come to pass unnoticed like traditional watches. Of course they have a own watches gentleman format, so that a smaller wrist if they are colorful.

Samsung-Gear-2-01Users who previously used as the first Samsung Galaxy Gear will give fast that the interface-level differences are very small. The Korean company has moved the menu and icons first Gear and developed through the system Tizen almost completely respecting the interface you already enjoy on the first watch. Of course I have also added several features that enhance the use of this watch. Undoubtedly one of the great innovations lies in the inclusion of a player’s own music with which we take advantage of 4 GB storage internal device. With this inclusion delves into independence Gear and its ability to be useful without having a smartphone or tablet near (indeed, one of the great reviews it was almost no utility Gear without being near a phone).

Moreover, we must also highlight improvements in the platform S Health 3.0. This solution is designed to keep the user in a good form and serve as a personal trainer. In addition to the pedometer that was already present in the first Gear and allowed us to measure the distance and pace that touring now also will have a heart rate monitor to measure heart rate to make various efforts or daily. In addition, we can now receive notifications of more applications and more information, such as type tools WhatsApp or preview the content of a message we receive.


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