Samsung in 2013, another year at the top

If the 2012 was already a great year for Samsung, the Korean company has repeated the good habit in this 2013 that is about to finish. A year that was marked by the consolidation of its line of smartphones and tablets with the Galaxy brand, and where they have begun to see several paths that can be converted into the key innovations in the coming years. For example, the company has deployed its first TVs with 4K technology (four times more potent than Full HD resolution). You also have to stop at the first mobile with curved screen or the launch of its smart watch Galaxy Gear. A complete year that has resubmitted a rising economic results and which has made the news continued fighting legal with its main competitor Apple.

2013 saw the consolidation of equipment Galaxy on the market. While in the field of smartphones Samsung already had a remarkable leadership, this year has also meant a significant growth of tablets of the company that have achieved a significant percentage of the market and have become the number one reference in the field of Android tablets.

But where it shines Family Galaxy smartphones remains the signature star. This year we have released the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The first hit the market in the spring and has managed to surpass the figure of 40 million units sold in half a year, a rate that slightly exceeds sales the previous Samsung Galaxy S3. In recent months, the signature was surrounded by the speculation about the sales of this equipment, which does not have repeated the spectacular growth that was taking place every new launch. Still, it remains one of the most powerful and popular in the market, rivaling the terminals iPhone from Apple.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was released in September, a team with very powerful specifications, ahead of the Galaxy S4. This terminal is also important in terms of design, has been introduced as a new case in imitation leather making it a more elegant home team and a lot with your professional image smartphone. This image does not preclude the second place as smartphone sales for Samsung, with a figure that exceeds ten million after three months on the market. The company has also launched a number of models that target all sectors, from phones like the Samsung Galaxy Express 2 aimed at a more affordable segment of the market as more advanced models of the type of Samsung Galaxy Mega.


One ad of the year, but so far it has been quite unnoticed in Europe (this team has been released in the homeland of Samsung, is launching the first mobile company curved screen. The Samsung Galaxy Round can serve as the first precursor to the development of devices with flexible panels, which allow a futuristic designs and more comfortable to use and transport (in theory, it is expected that we can get to roll these teams as if they were a spliff of pape). Though the Round still is a first attempt, the firm has been strengthened with a number of premium features that have nothing to envy to the great releases this year.

Make no mistake. The first smartphone from Samsung has some limitations that have led to widespread criticism in the public and in the press. It is a design model with interesting features, but it is burdened by its continued need to be tied to a branded smartphone to run in full and your little autonomy. However, this device opens the way to the upcoming revisions to arrive in the coming years and inaugurated a market can be very fruitful in the future. It is very likely that the next generation of these devices incorporate noticeable improvements, waiting for other companies like Apple submit proposals in this field.

The future in the world of television is the 4K resolution. It is a technology that delivers sharp images with exceptional detail and left with mouth open, but still has a long road ahead. Samsung wanted to be one of the first brands to bring these to market TVs with screen size possible for the living room. Models 55 and 65 inches released this year are closer to what we find in our homes in a few years, but still it is a technology that is beyond the reach of many pockets.

In addition, the Korean company has also delved into two aspects that can become the future of television control, voice control and the use of gestures taking the camera to change aspects such as volume, channel, or perform various actions search. In addition, the company has already announced that we will see further improvements in these areas during the upcoming releases of 2014. Samsung maintains a strong position in the world of television and is the great reference level of modernity and design, as well as being the best selling brand.


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