Review of software for Digital Video Editing

Until a few years ago, video editing was beyond the scope of educational institutions as to carry out expensive and sophisticated equipment is required in addition to the technical experts operate. The current situation is very different; first, a computer with a relatively affordable price can have the features and enough power to perform complex tasks that demand video editing and the other a digital video camera that can record on DVD currently available for a fraction of the value of the computer, depending on the brand and the features it offers, and the price continues to drop.

These teams open a world of possibilities to positively impact learning environments. Especially when you consider the fact that according to research, have demonstrated the production of video in interest and academic performance of students; they allow, among others, enriching activities such as Digital Storytelling or analyze real-world phenomena requiring determine variables such as position and time accuracy from a video recording.

The above are just two examples of the many ways in which the digital video can help enrich some learning. The basic equipment (camera and computer) can be practically used in all curriculum areas; therefore, the investment pays for itself very quickly. What must be borne in mind is that the need to meet certain software for educational purposes may vary. For example, in the case of the analysis of physical phenomena such as movement, a program that allows the student to mark the position of the subject or object moving in each of the frames from a video clip, in order to obtain the required information that automatically produce graphs of position, velocity, acceleration, etc.; but, for the Digital Storytelling, what is needed is an editing software that enables the mixture of photos, titles, voice, music, video and animation.

Regarding the aforementioned Digital Storytelling, there is now lots of programs, many of them free, which meet these requirements. In fact, both the Windows XP operating system like Macintosh applications now includes video editing.

We then describe some of the most used for digital video editing free programs.


This program is included with the Windows XP operating system. It’s simple to utilizary offers the ability to create, edit and share video montages with images and sound. To build an assembly simply drags the workspace elements to include (videos, images and sounds) and apply any of the 60 transition effects. Among its salient features are: acceleration or deceleration of a video, application of three degrees of aging, conversion to sepia color, balance of sound and video capture directly from the camera.


The only mole that has this program (version 2) is not able to create multiple audio tracks, very important function for Digital Storytelling as in these ideally have a track for music, one for narration and another for additional sounds. This can be solved using a program like Audacity that allows you to mix in one, multiple audio tracks and create a single file that can later be imported into Movie Maker.

Apple iMovie

This excellent video editing software is available for Macintosh computers. It has an intuitive interface and easy to use to capture digital video clips, merge several video clips to create stories, add transitions, titles deploy mobile screen, and even attach a narrative. It also lets you to add music, control brightness and contrast (useful for improving a recording made in low light), manipulate the audio and visual effects like sepia tone, soft lights and water marks. It brings together in a single row of buttons at the bottom of the window, transitions, effects, and audio, which significantly facilitates movement between areas. Also, it lets you create movies in the whole range of “Quicktime” format (this format facilitates the publication on the Internet).


This program is the free version of Avid Xpress DV and is designed to allow beginners to use the essential options of video editing and audio. This version is very limited with regard to the professional, but it offers, through a simple and intuitive work environment, the basic functions required in a school environment. To purchase the professional version, Avid Technology, grants to educational institutions discounts up to 80% ; this in order to facilitate students to learn with the same tools used by those working in the video industry.


This application allows you to capture video in AVI format, easily edit and specify the percentage of the total speed of the hard disk to be used in linear editing. Among the most prominent features are: use of AVI2 AVI format to handle files larger than 2GB in size; a volume control integrated with histograms; audio noise removal in real time; ability to accept video files in WAV format; and ability to handle tasks with an agenda.


This video editor open source, and works with special real-time effects, offers a powerful, comprehensive and easy to use interface. Through this you can set the order of the sequences, create animations, add effects and arrange music composition. Projects created with this software can be shared with other users through a local area network or the Internet.


Digital video editor for GNU / Linux with which you can capture video directly from a DV camera and record on the hard disk in Raw DV and AVI format. It offers the possibility of using transition filters for both audio and video and saves for the video segments in a list of SMIL XML editing.

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