Reveal why WhatsApp is not secure!!!

It will goes without saying that WhatsApp application is very popular for chatting all over the world. Popularity also increased while Facebook bought WhatsApp by 16 billion US dollar. But currently experts are talking about security features of it.

Recently mobile security analyst Mr. Boshart tells, “Anyone can easily get access in your installed Android WhatsApp location”.

Basically when you use built in back up mechanism and during the new installation or uninstall or even for a new device you don’t want to lose your any message. In other side WhatsApp use same encryption mechanism for all message. It’s mean database back up mechanism of WhatsApp is not secured. Because WhatApp doesn’t impose user wise individual encryption mechanism. They are using same encryption algorithm for all user. So that anyone can easily read your important message through other installed Android application. Logically it’s already proved by the security expert.


Mr. Boshart also mentioned, normally WhatsApp keeps its database in the users phone SD card. Now if you give access any other Android apps in this SD card location then that application can easily read your important and secured messages. Because again encryption algorithm is same. It’s also natural that different applications will share same SD card for same mobile phone.

Regarding this issue lots of security experts tried to communicate with WhatsApp concern department but yet no response receive from them. Thus its reveal why WhatsApp is not secure anymore.



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