A reliable and special Android tablet

When it seems that all the products are the same, the end always comes as a surprise. SPC is a little-known, but the popularity of Samsung, Apple or Sony, but this is no problem to have in their catalog a product of very good quality. This is the case with this SPC Internet GLOW 8, a tablet of something less than eight inches that attracts attention for its design, its performance and its price.

The design is one of the points most striking of this tablet. And when we think of Android tablets low cost, this point is one that suffers more compared to most leading models in the market. However, this time we found a tablet with a very careful design. It’s really thin and light. Its thickness is only eight millimeters in hand is fairly light. But there is something that we perceive in the tablets of greater price and “prestige” that don’t usually find in this range: the quality finishes. Overall the set is finished very successful, with a rear aluminum which gives it robustness, and a thin frame around the eight-inch screen.

It is the same size that has the iPad mini, and it must be recognized that the design very reminiscent to the models of Apple. It has a resolution of 1,024 x 600 dots, yielding a pixel density of 132 pp i. Not the highest in the market, but you can not say that’s a bad data. At the moment of truth, a trained eye can find the resolution a bit low when implementing concrete how to playback HD video, or if you are going to spend much time reading text on the tablet tasks. However, it is suitable for most common tasks with a tablet, such as web browsing or video playback.

The IPS panel is type with a viewing angle of 178 degrees. I mean, you can display content from any angle you put the tablet. The display has in turn with special treatment to avoid breakage and scratches. The screen is multi-touch gestures and supports up to five fingers at once, normal for a tablet designed for use with one hand.

SPC Internet GLOW 8

The WiFi connection is the key to connectivity this tablet. The fact is that we can make use of these computers without connection to the internet is really limited. In our experience with this model we have not had problems with this connection, changed the channel and frequency band on several occasions. The SPC Internet GLOW 8 also features Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, which lets you connect your computer with peripherals. An example of this can be wireless speakers or headphones.

In terms of the physical connections are a microUSB port that allows both data such as battery charging device. It is a port and USB OTG, designed specifically for mobile devices, allowing memories to use to connect USB keyboards or hard drives. We also found a microHMI port, used to connect the tablet to larger screens to play content. At the top there is also a 3.5mm jack for connecting external speakers or headphones.

The cameras are probably the weakest point of this tablet. It’s true that a tablet is not exactly the device which we usually use when we want to take pictures, but it is true that many other models on the market with more interesting facts at this point. On the back we find the main two megapixel camera resolution and very few manual control options. The focus is fixed even has a face detection feature. On the front we find a camera with a video intended to benefit even more limited than the rear.

As there are not many problems is in the playback video, audio or any multimedia content. It has access to Play Store, like any devices with Android, so we can acquire million videos and songs, many of them free. Moreover, as in any device Android, we have no trouble visualizing easily own content on the tablet. You just need to connect it to a PC and it will recognize it as any external storage device.

As it is mentioned, the Google operating system, Android, is chosen to operate this device. While the white paper could find indicates that the version equipped is Android 4.1, the unit we received is already updated to Android 4.2 .2. The ecosystem runs with fluency by the device that will appreciate without loading problems or skips. A major advantage of Android is access to Google Play, the application store with more current titles. Today Store now has more than 800,000 applications and is expected to reach one million soon. Among them are the most popular in the market as giving access to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Vine among others).

The SPC GLOW 8 features a Quad Core Cortex A7 processor at 1.2 GHz, with 1 GB of DDR RAM memory. For the tests we have done, is enough power to move the screen and applications quickly enough to not be angry with device at any time. The response of the tablet to turn it on or resume use is virtually instantaneous. For graphic process it has a processor Multi Core Power VR SGX, which makes images run smoother.


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