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If at first Photoshop it was the only alternative for editing digital photography, its high price and complexity of use-more-focused professionals led to the appearance of some alternatives that eventually were improving and expanding its range. Today, with the prevalence of social networking and sharing all kinds of content, weight gain programs that are not downloaded to the desktop, but on line are used to edit images and immediately pass them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+, or save them on Flickr, Google Drive or SkyDrive. Following are five of these web applications.

A simple and fresh alternative

The advantage of these image editors lies not only in the fact that applications are free that are activated only by opening a browser tab. Also notable for the simplicity they bring to the issue, given the complexity of Photoshop, as well as the special effects which give striking photographs to share and allow more successfully. The online image editors for Photoshop could mean the same as Instagram supposed to Flickr.

Somehow pose to Photoshop, and other professional programs, as well as Instagram meant to Flickr: A fresher, effective and lower quality option, but also sufficient for the purpose of decorating social networks, create postcards to send by email or print for photos or get more casual purposes.

Some of these services are funded by advertising displayed to the user while performing image editing, but others make it a condition register and share files that you edit in a “cloud”, which can access the rest of enrollees. Organizing as well as social networks, a kind of desktop-Instagram where some users are still others. Some also include web applications.

The online editors allow you to upload photos from your desktop computer or take them to our private “clouds”, whether Flickr, Google Drive-before Picasa – SkyDrive or Pinterest. Once edited, snapshots can be re-stored in the hard drive-in image format we want, share on social networks or return them to the “clouds” of where we drew at the time.

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Five image editors on line

1. The Fotor is the latest of the services discussed below and has a clear vocation for the functions of a computer Instagram. This web application helps achieve spectacular results, in line with the popular social network of photos taken with mobile. It has a lot of commands to emulate Instagram filters, but with more control over the final result. Even if there are multiple snapshots of the same image, it allows imitating the high dynamic range. Add to these virtues to offer different arrays to create collages to share on social networks, or to make postcards with which commemorate anniversaries or congratulate loved ones. The photos can be uploaded from the desktop or private “clouds”. Once edited, these again can be stored and shared. The only but is that offers advertising during editing.

2. Although not as complete as Fotor, BeFunky is another highly recommended web editor so simple it is to make an edit with it. A classical modulation of light, contrast, brightness, or shading approach adds color filters, blurs, aging effects and other creative options. It also has applications for iPhone and Android phones. The BeFunky is focused on the images coming from and going to social networks. On the other hand, is focused on BeFunky images coming from and going to social networks. The service calls at times to import all our images from Facebook and Instagram for submission to editing, but this option is not mandatory. After editing an image, it can be stored in “clouds” as Flickr or Pinterest and share on Twitter or Facebook, but not download to the desktop again. Furthermore, BeFunky saves a copy of the edited image. It also has payment options with more features.

3. The iPiccy is another powerful editor that is postulated as the great alternative to Photoshop to have a vocation close to this program because it does not focus on both contrived and spectacular effects, but is committed to a quality issue. This provides us with numerous and complex editing options. It is recommended for demanding users and lovers of art photography. For its features and capabilities, the iPiccy itself is as the great alternative to Photoshop.

4. The PicMonkey is another service casual and easy to use to achieve dramatic effects on our photos without too many complications. It has a clear and attractive graphical environment, and with a few clicks you can get interesting effects. It also offers the opportunity to enroll in the payment option called ‘Royale’, which for $ 33 a year can add images to a lot of filters and special effects.

5. The Photoshop Express Editor is the web version of the popular program, which can be used for free with limited functions. Still, lets you edit photos up to 16 megabytes, a weight that is rarely found today in pictures that move the Web.


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