Qiwo, the tool all in one e-commerce integrated with Facebook

E-commerce continues to grow in Latin America and more and more enterprises are betting that their solutions to various businesses that are uploaded to the Internet daily. If we think of the various processes involved in Internet-sell inventories, collections, exhibition, marketing, billing, etc. -. Surely have to think of different providers offering these services to us. From Mexico, comes a startup that integrates all in order to make it easier for any business electronic commerce.

We speak of Qiwo, Software as Service (SasS) that in a few minutes and with just a few clicks lets you assemble its online store. Their main features are that it works fully with Facebook, you can include a sales point an offline catalog that can be accessed from any telephone, have confirmation and notification of payments and may even find inputs for business through contact suppliers within the same network Qiwo.

Qiwo born in late 2012 by the need to list the places that do not normally appear in the pages of the Internet, a sort of directory that evolved into a tool all in one e-commerce. The project has been funded with own resources and government support has received of San Luis Potosi in Mexico within the program of support for entrepreneurs, enabling them to have better stability and provide support services.

We spoke with Andrew Santos Becerra, the engineer who ensures that the tools are running, and this was what he told us:

Jóse Martin: What advantages can be integrated with the Facebook platform?

Andrés Santos: In Mexico, which is our market entry, Facebook is the social network with the highest penetration in the country, this means that more people sharing information and even making sales through publications. On the one hand, the security provided by Facebook to validate the input of our users and the ease of the other market not only in the social but outside, once public networks and you can make your own publications.

In addition, the movements you have in your store, such as comments, quotes, purchases and payments, you will be notified via Inbox.

JM: Why include electronic billing and POS?

AS: The April 1 became official the use of electronic invoicing in Mexico, which means that proof of purchase is not valid on paper. Now the government requires every sale you make is recorded in its validation system sales and the SAT (the regulator taxes) is making it easy to know precisely and in real time the taxes are generating.

By using receivables as suppliers and Openpay Conekta which are Mexican, ideal to keep the costs of a good business registered according to the new regulations stream is closed. For this reason, Qiwo implements a selling point, so that if someone comes to your business and you purchase a product, you as a business owner can start receiving cards, only you type some data from the card and the collection is made ​​in that instant. The idea is that just your smartphone without additional hardware can sell anywhere and under almost any circumstance.


JM: So Qiwo offers a service that integrates sales at different levels…

AS: Yes, all businesses, large, small, new or old you are required by law to issue electronic invoices and lack of systems in Mexico to join the online sale, sell your physical business and selling on Facebook really are scarce.

JM: Here is the opportunity of the tool on the market…

AS:  Yes Qiwo is a web app that brings all the needs in a couple of clicks, so to speak.

JM: In that sense, what makes Qiwo also have opportunity in other markets? 

AS: Qiwo work seamlessly on other countries and would love to continue doing business alliances with companies in other regions. Because we use a well-recognized platform for new users sign we’re hoping to devote more time to other countries later this year.

JM: What is the tool to access a catalog off from any regular phone line? 

AS:  Initially we wanted Qiwo profiling as a direct competitor to the yellow pages or yellow pages. Quickly we realized that we were creating technological tools were further than our original idea, so from the beginning we enable the same product you would search on the Internet, via a conventional phone call. So you can find very general things like “I want to eat salad” and the system understands what you’re looking for and reads three search results if you find them.

JM: It is a tool for the end user does not have a smartphone and do not have a cell…

AS: Yes, it’s for people who want to find locations of businesses registered with us, it’s just an additional search option that we have created. It can be accessed from any phone as it is a fixed number that is called. The idea is to bring users search in any situation.

JM: Why do you also have a supply chain?

It’s something we still drive but the idea of having a business is to generate as many sales as possible and avoid unnecessary costs or reduce them. Qiwo has a section for you to enter the inputs (raw materials or consume your business), for example, in the case of an accounting firm that uses Qiwo to offer their services, their inputs can be paper, chairs, food, cans water, coffee. The software uses this information to contact the lowest price within the network, products that were once off you can come back to have it if you are a regular customer, then shows you a more personalized search not many products but only the cheapest and major purchases that can meet the need of your inputs.

The tool not only facilitates sales to the end user but also helps businesses find suppliers…

Yes, we are trying to do something that you can deal with just one hand, to answer comments from your phone and place as complete sales.


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