How to print from a tablet with HP printers

Every time we use the tablets for more. Browse the Internet, check email, play games, look at pictures… No longer we miss because they serve no function for almost everything. And sometimes we need to print something we are looking at the tablet. It is in those moments when we propose how to print from the tablet. Therefore, with this article we give you the keys to learn to print directly without using a computer. HP has a number of useful tools and technologies to facilitate printing via the tablet from anywhere. You have all the options available to print documents.

HP ePrint Technology

If you have a HP printer, the choice is simple. And it is that for some time, the U.S. Company has introduced this technology wireless printing on most of its models, both for the field of consumption and the professional segment. For example, all computers in the range of HP Officejet Pro printers ink for freelancers and SMEs incorporate this functionality. The concept behind HP ePrint is simple and hides a number of very interesting advantages. It consists of attaching a unique email address for each printer brand.

To start using this feature, you must first enable the web services within the printer itself (you can usually do this through the touch panel or the small LCD of the machine). And then register the printer through the HP ePrint Center portal. Since that website we can configure the printer and change the email to have a more recognizable format. This address must always end with “@” and we must choose a name that has not already been chosen by others using this technology.

Once you’ve set the printer to print a document from the tablet simply send an email to that address with the document attached. It is so easy. No need to install any application or driver to use HP ePrint. And here we find its wide appeal, as any user you authorize will be able to print from anywhere in the world. This technology is compatible with Office documents (Word both as Excel and PowerPoint) and PDF documents and images in formats like JPEG, GIF or PNG. Course, always respecting the maximum document size is 10 MB. Another major advantage of this technology is that it can send to print up to 10 documents at once, and after going through the print server HP are printed by order.

As limitations of this technology, it should be noted that it is not yet possible to print two-sided documents. In addition, the lack of access to a document preview the result may be less fine than we want.

HP printers

Tablets with Windows 8 and Windows RT

For those users who have a tablet with these operating systems, wireless printing will follow the same lines as those of a traditional computer. There are two ways to configure the printer. On one hand, we can use the tools of the system through the control panel or by using the options found in the configuration panel of the touch interface. But the more useful download printer drivers from HP via the web to ensure correct operation. After installing the printer can send print documents directly from applications of the system as long as we are connected to the same WiFi network.

App HP ePrint

While in the case of tablets with Windows 8 or Windows RT simply use the platform tools as usual on desktops, in the case of Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry app installation will be necessary HP ePrint. This application has a very simple interface and allows us to print documents or images you have stored on the tablet. It also has a module to print directly from the web pages. To use this function you have to be connected on the same WiFi network to the printer.

Although this is a limitation in the distance you can send the document as consideration can configure various parameters such as print quality, margins, or the use of double-sided. Within this tool must also highlight the HP ePrint Services. U.S. Company has deployed a network of public printers in various shops and hotels which can be accessed directly from this app. The application will show the sites closest public impression so we can send our documents to print.

Direct Wireless Printing

Another of the complementary roles that are beginning to integrate some teams of the American firm as the HP Officejet Pro X576dw is the option of creating an own WiFi network, so that the user can connect from the tablet directly to the printer without the need for access to the local network. This is a very interesting advantage in a business environment, both for safety reasons and for the greater flexibility in the printing process.


If you are a user of the iPad, a vast majority of HP printers are compatible with AirPrint and technology so that they can send your documents directly to print via the WiFi network. To find out if your printer has this feature, you can review a full list on the Apple website.

Finally, the U.S. Company is selling a few accessories like the HP 1200w with NFC connection that integrates own printers, so that we can approach our tablet with NFC and “touch” the attachment to send a document to print. In short, this is a very complete list of options for users to find the most comfortable and convenient way to make their impressions from the tablet, without having to go to a computer.


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