How to print from your mobile with HP printers

Smartphones are part of our life. Both personally and professionally field, these devices focus many of the functions we perform on a day to day. With wireless technologies of HP printers, we can print our documents and pictures from your mobile, without going through the computer. From anywhere with Internet connection or wireless network in the office or home, these technologies will save us lots of time and will enhance our productivity. Here is a guide to use the main printing technologies from Mobile incorporating printers HP.

HP ePrint. This is the technology which offers turn of the U.S. wireless printing company, and a very useful to print a document or image from any device connected to the network, such as a smartphone tool. The only requirement is that the phone incorporates the ability to send emails with attachments. The concept is behind ePrint is to associate an email account itself to each printer. Once we send the document or image through the mail, the print job will be performed automatically.

To start using this tool, you must first activate the HP Web Services within the same printer (requires that we are connected to the network). The machine prints a sample page with instructions to follow. Then just access the page of HP ePrint Center and register as users within this website. Then go to the tab “Devices”, “Add a device” and introduce the printer code was written on the printed paper. By default, the email address of the printer will be introduced to form the more code “@”. But this direction can be customized by clicking on “Change Address”.

The documents may include print documents Word, pages Excel files, PDF and text TXT, presentations PowerPoint web pages and HTML. We also have the ability to send print BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF and PNG images. There is a maximum size of 10 MB of sent mail. Additionally, you can only send ten different files at once. On the other hand, keep in mind that documents with digital signatures, which are encrypted or password protected will not be printed. Another feature that is sorely lacking in this technology is the ability to perform duplex printing, a lack that surely correct HP in the future.

HP printers

The work is done automatically when you send mail; although it may be a while before this work begins by the speed of the network (the deputy must go through the print server HP ePrint). In the event that the printer is turned off at the time we send the document or outside network, it will be saved to 24 hours on the server until we turn on the computer and print the job done. No doubt it is a very useful tool for mobile professionals and SMEs and does not need any application and can send the document through any computer without configuring it.

HP ePrint app and HP ePrint Services. If you want to control more specifically the print job via a mobile Android, you can also choose to download the dedicated application of the U.S. Company. HP ePrint allows you to print documents to a printer connected to the same WiFi network to mobile, or leverage the public service has deployed HP printing and allows us to work in an enabled printer that is near us. This is a service that acts as a value added for the hotel business or participating in this initiative.

Returning to the basic functionality, the simple interface of this application will allow us to print a photograph a web page or document that we have stored in the phone. Within the option of the photos, we can crop the image and adjust the print quality before we perform printing. For the web, you can also configure the print between a specified range of pages covering the web site and with different qualities and sizes. Finally, the option of printing a document direct access to the phone’s memory and divides the files between different types. The only but we found on this app is that it is somewhat slow in loading the files stored on the phone. Otherwise, it is a very easy way to print via the mobile in the office or at home.

This application is free and is available for both mobile as Android, BlackBerry or Windows 8 tablets.

Apple AirPrint. For users who have an iPhone or the Apple iPad tablet with operating system version iOS 4.2 or higher, you can use applications that integrate AirPrint to print wirelessly on compatible HP printers (the full list can be checked on the Apple website.) As in the previous case, it is necessary that the printing equipment is connected to the same WiFi network that your smartphone.

Finally, the company is also starting to deploy the feature NFC in their latest printing equipment and through accessories like the HP 1200w. This connection allows you to use a smartphone with this technology to print a document or image closer to mobile printing equipment (it is a technology that operates at less than 30 inches away).


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