Photography with Smartphone: Open your mind to a world full of great moments

The mobile photography has invaded our digital world has collapsed social networks, has interfered in our family gatherings, friends, and even is one of the main tools for some of the best photographers around the world, it is a fact. And I would continue throwing a clear reflection: our smartphones are merely a new way to deepen our creative process.

Surely many of you have heard on occasion the usual phrase “what a good image, you must have a great camera”. Over time we begin to mature certain issues, rest assured, they will break countless barriers. A camera ought to attribute a small percentage of the total labor employed in taking an image, therefore, surely understand I tell you what then. My response to such recurring phrase is often: “if Jimi Hendrix will leave you with his guitar, would you know play it like him? I assure you that he with it would do wonders”.


Let’s dive into the exciting world of mobile photography!

Why take pictures with Smartphone?

Despite continuing technological advances in our Smartphone is obvious to recognize that possess certain technical limitations, in fact, have them always present will give us better results. However, as we noted in the introduction, in the whole labor employed in an image, or rather, in the entire creative process that leads us to take a picture, the camera ought to attribute a small percentage.

That said, focus on the visual language, in which items to select, how to organize inside the box and have a trained photographic eye, seem to be the merits of our photographs. You know what? They are all outside the device have in our hands!

Answering the question that illustrates this paragraph, perhaps the most logical answer is “because you carry it around with”. Having a tool that allows us to instantly portray any situation we raised real life is a real treat for our creativity.

7 Tips to Consider 

Once broken the ice, it is good time to make a brief review of some aspects to consider when photographing with mobile:

  • Select terminal, knows its limitations: There is an incessant flood of smartphones that are renewed every few months, therefore, consider recommending one or the other makes no sense. What is important in this regard is to explore to the fullest, learn what we can do with it and what not, that is, know your limitations and act accordingly. If you behave badly to dim light, looking bright conditions or makes your own light. If you have chance to swim, take advantage of it!
  • Apps: Instagram, hipstamatic?? Sure most of you recognize them, it’s no wonder. The huge amount of available applications and respective filters are a good resource to “decorate” our images, but do not forget that photography is much more than that. My advice is to choose the best results we offer and explore well, this will allow us to put the best prom dress to our photographs. 
  • Beware the zoom: I have recently read that there are already smartphones with optical zoom; however, most of them continue to use the digital zoom. What does this mean? When we apply our instant digital zoom we are giving free rein to our mobile software to tear us apart, literally picture. Solution? Os gives Robert Capa: “If your pictures are not good enough, we were not close enough”.
  • Visual language: composition, color, light and texture, i.e. visual language. We know very well our environment, be observant, curious, learn to anticipate certain situations and learn the fundamentals of visual language to build an image that conveys and count something. Perhaps the most important aspect to consider would be a grave mistake to think that this or that filter will make our image better.
  • Photography with character, unique style: Have a camera at every moment of our lives give us, sure, the path to a style. As Ansel Adams said: “we do not photograph only with the camera, we bring to the Act of photography all the books that we have read, films that we have seen, all the music we have heard, all the people we wanted”.
  • Always on top? Embark on a project!: The small size of our mobile phones allows us to have them always available for every moment, for every situation. What if we took advantage of a photographic project to think? A little later I will discuss one really interesting.
  • Also great photographers use them: It’s amazing the work that you can get to make with just a mobile. Again, a little later I’ll show you a web in which to lose, literally, watching spectacular photographs taken with mobile. If they can, why not you?

Start a photographic project

I wanted to dedicate a special section to photographic projects because they pose a challenge of perseverance and dedication, what better than a mobile phone to take them out?


The Russian photographer Murad Osmann recently jumped on the world map of social networks thank you a really interesting project, “Follow me”. Who has not ever spent a relative, friend or boyfriend or girlfriend stopping every moment to photograph every street, bridge, square or cat peeked through our viewfinder? Osmann and his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova, took the opportunity to create a project in which she was the protagonist, pulling it around the world. Maybe in some images it exceeds the processing but is very inspiring!

Mobile Photography Awards 

As I promised in the thread of advice, I have left for last the stream of inspiration by some of the best professional and amateur photographers worldwide. The Mobile Photography Awards give quotes work as disparate topics such as nature, portrait, architecture or visual effects in the context of what has become the most important exhibition of mobile photography. They were created in 2011 with the idea of bringing the best work in this field, to present authors, organize exhibitions and ultimately enjoy a spectacular gallery built using a tool often underestimated.


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