How a photographer can improve SEO

We are used to always talk in ALTFoto photographic equipment, exciting projects, unusual places, tips and tricks to improve different aspects of photography, but we tend to forget the importance of publicizing the work and get published anywhere. Maybe many of you are working hard to get your complete web of incredible images, but even so, you are gaining visibility you deserve. So today let’s see how a photographer can improve SEO.

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of search engines, in order to show the best of your site to make a big impact on the user experience and site performance in organic search results, which to make finding your website appears as high as possible in the search. This system of search results (talk about Google) is based on an algorithm, which naturally unknown, but different “tricks” can “help” our site to go upscale.

Know your brand

Fundamental in SEO, the first step is to know the name and type of business. Knowing your brand will know what terms and key can be used for optimization. Because SEO is all about keywords that associate our business and we suspect that users would type in the search engine when looking for a service like you provide. How do we know what keywords to use? Rather it is based on intuition, but can also help Google Insights.

Ideally describe who you are, what kind of work do you do and what your specialty, where you can get the words and key phrases. It is a positioning statement. If you use Google Adwords, we can get a list of phrases used in searches, search frequency and what use has that keyword. We can also analyze other blogs or websites to analyze how other photographer tag your images, titles of blogs, patterns…

All you do is SEO

Everything affects the SEO, for better or for worse. It is updated regularly is positive but “inaction is actionx” i.e. not post often or add keywords to images send a message to Google that your content is old, therefore difficult to find. Images with title, description, link them through social networks, add metadata to images, or appropriate wording will always be positive. These are small actions that can make us to improve our site positioning.


So it is interesting to include as much metadata and description for each image you post. Be active in the blog, updated the website, so you have fresh content and share it on social networks. Show yourself.


When you have your keywords and labeling, it’s time to evaluate. We must always be current because all the changes of network continuously and fast pace. And we must change and evolve at the same pace. It is important, therefore, to devote a weekly working time to improve SEO. It is, ultimately, drive more traffic to the website and get visibility.

Keys to Improve Your SEO

In general, to improve your ranking must take into account these points

  • Watch the names of the pictures. Put them separates a good name and hyphenated words (no underscore, normal)
  • Watch the page code. Forget using Flash and Javascript least. Cut the music with nothing in the works and Responsive Design (any device that fits)
  • The URLs must be friendly. Nothing underscores or strange symbols and the platform that you use do not decide for you the method to generate the URLs of the pages or the blog post.
  • Watch the loading time of your website. Tickets heavy with hundreds of photos hurt your ranking; controls weight and number. If you have a blog set it to summaries of the entries look and do not put too much on the main page.
  • Generates links value. Internal links that allow you to link content from one page to another within your same website protrusions that link your content with other external quality and entrees that come from important sites in your field of activity (sharing your content on social networks, making you mentioned in blogs and web or participating in other blogs).
  • Share and participate in social networks. It links shared articles on Social Networks help generate a web of links that improve positioning. But don’t only talk of you or they will end up bored.
  • Sample solutions for your customers. If your potential customers are solutions to your problems on your website, will be more attracted
  • It tells a good story. For many pictures you upload if there is a story that engages the user does not do anything. Describe what happens in your photos.
  • Learn some SEO and its tools.
  • Take time to optimize your presence and your website.

Now you see that you are no magic tricks or miracle potions; is to invest time in doing things right, be careful and precise. It’s in your hands.

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