Philips Smart All-In-One is very useful monitor to connect directly to tablets and smartphones

Smart TVs have become an essential device in many homes, but that level of connection to the world is not yet over 2.0 have the same success in computer monitors. Philips, which has a long history of innovation in this regard, hopes to change things with a computer that has a screen of 21.5 or 23 inches, depending upon user preference. With a name that proves to be an ‘All In One’, both S231C4AFD as S221C4AFD can get to shake the market for this sector. It caters to an audience that wants a connection, finally, the world of computers with the nobility, since it has Android software, the operating system of mobile and tablets Google. Therefore, it is especially recommended for designers.

These monitors can be connected to a PC, like any other screen. However, inside, have their own hardware that lets you surf the net or share our photos via Android. This device is now available for a price of 440 euros, version 21.5 inches, and 470 euros, the model of 23 inches. Starting out, seem a generic monitor, but inside is where we see the difference. The Philips Smart All-In-One features a proprietary company, SmartBand design. This offers an optimal setting capacity with which, with a single touch, the device can be bound without having to worry about it. Thanks to this feature of the Dutch brand, we can use the equipment in various positions ergonomic that will make us enjoy many videos more conveniently.

With a position reclining slightly less than 60 degrees, you can interact with its display, whether for a press to write an application. It can also be used in vertical position to sit and work. Due to its automatic return mechanism, the SmartBand offers a high level of flexibility. The viewing angles it offers and the different positions of the device are among the strengths of the monitor. However, there are shortcomings in other aspects. First, its glossy finish is reflective. Moreover, its price, but we’ll talk about it later. The Smart All-In-One has a Full HD 16:9 displays, which means it has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 to enjoy the device. Whether for a video or work, this monitor is equipped to support 1080 pixel signals from all sources, including the most recent like Blu-ray and HD game consoles.

Philips Smart All-In-One

Also it played progressive scan images scan pictures with optimum brightness and good color. The large display technology has multitouch optical integrated, allowing you to easily browse the Internet. With this new release, you can manipulate the contents pinching, expanding, sliding or shifting. Also, read documents, books, newspapers easy on the eyes because of the size you already own icons and images. What’s more, it is also perfect to let fly the imagination of children, because it is ideal for creating electronic drawings or educational applications using interactive.

This monitor is available in two models, a 21.5-inch and 23-inch. Philips used a panel IPS WLED backlit, which is a good size for multimedia use. Therefore, it is able to offer excellent viewing angles of 178 degrees, combined with a reasonable level of good lighting and black color.

The Philips Smart All-In-One has WiFi (802.11b/g/n) and Ethernet connectivity, two USB 2.0 ports, audio input and output, built-in microphone and a megapixel webcam with which you can communicate with your family and friends. The ultrasensitive microphone ensures that the voice terminal is carried from one place to another in a clear and crisp. To this we can add a keyboard and a mouse and end up using it as if it were a desktop computer. Also, to ensure that it is really a ‘All in One’, works with screen connectivity includes VGA and HDMI.

The Dutch brand on these monitors includes a slot for SD cards to compensate for limitations in its internal storage, which is eight gigabytes. Everything you need to expect that there is a desktop operating system Android is included; only have to connect the monitor to a power source and the computer work. The only downside is that the utility of this panel with devices from other manufacturers is not clear. When connected to a PC running Windows 8.1, a USB connection is required in order to use the touch screen, but the cable is not included in series.

As the Philips Smart All-In-One has operating system Android, you can download applications from your online store Google Play. With a single touch its icon, you can go directly to the platform via WiFi or Ethernet connection. With it, you will be able to download entertainment applications, games, utilities, photographs, videos, news, social networks and any kind of app that is available and update from here. Also, the interface is quite intuitive and easy to use, since it is very similar to that of the tablets, which helps to navigate the Internet. These can be sorted by rating, category or popularity. This feature is a great advantage for those who love games and apps phones because they can enjoy both its smartphone and monitor the latest home store Android.

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