Philips Series 6008 brought latest TV models

The Philips Series 6008 superfine consists diagonal large televisions, ranging from 42 to 60 inches. All have backlit LCD screens by LED that provide a resolution of 1080p (Full HD). One of the hallmarks is the Ambilight XL on two sides, a soft light source that enhances the viewer immersion. The colors of ambient light change as the content displayed on the screen and fit into the wall where the appliance is installed. The image processing is achieved through technology Pixel Precise HD, which combines hardware and software multiply getting the details in the action scenes.

They are connected TV with Wi-Fi, able to play movies, photos and music from computers and mobile devices. It can also serve videos from the Internet. Carry a dual-core processor built for easy web browsing and running applications in parallel. To facilitate the introduction of texts and conducting searches of content, some are equipped with advanced remote controls with double sided, one side with traditional buttons and the other with a full QWERTY keyboard. Through integration with Skype, allow video calls from the screen of the room, if they added an optional webcam.

They can also show movies in three dimensions, and convert 2D to 3D videos. The system 3D is passive, and in the package are four 3D glasses. The gamers will also be able to enjoy the big games, even with the 3D titles. With mode Full Screen Gaming, two players can battle simultaneously in a game full screen using a special glasses sold separately. The Philips 6008 Series are designed to become the entertainment center of the current home.

TVS are minimalist in design that they are designed to go almost unnoticed until they are turned on. Then the images come to life in spacious frameless screens. And the visual experience is the most immersive, thanks to XL Ambilight ambient lighting from both sides of the screen. The color of the lights is adapted to the characteristics of the wall or other surface where the TV is installed. Also, the colors vary according to the contents on the screen at all times.

Some screens are super thin, with only 3.25 inches thick. The designers have selected steel and aluminum finishes. A narrow bezel borders the screen, which is supported on a support pedestal air type. As for the sizes, models within this range can be adapted to various spaces. From the Philips 42PFL6008 (42 inches), the Philips 60PFL6008 (60 inches), passing by the Philips 47PFL6008 (47 inches) and the Philips 55PFL6008 (55 inches).

Philips Series 6008

All models in the 6008 Series can display three-dimensional stereoscopic imaging system with 3D passive. Four glasses included in the package. The user can adjust as appropriate the depth of three-dimensional effect, and can use the converter 2D to 3D video. 3D and 2D games are not the problem, because the screens are compatible with computer input or console up to 1,920 by 1,080 pixels and 60 fps.

TVs are LCD backlit LED with 16:9 aspect ratios and a resolution Full HD (1,920 by 1,080 pixels). They are quite bright, with a brightness of 400 candelas per square meter. An ambient light sensor is responsible for automatically adjusting the brightness based on the lighting conditions in the room. Incorporate several TV tuners for Freeview, Freeview and cable television. Thanks to the common interface slot (CI +), they are prepared to pay TV channels. Besides, you can play various video formats, which include AVI, MKV and MPEG-4, but also audio in MP3, WMA and AAC, whether from a computer or from Internet.

The technology of image enhancement processing is digital type Pixel Precise HD, which provides more detail by increasing the number of pixels. And the Micro Dimming handles enhance the contrast. And Perfect Motion Rate 500 Hz gets more fluid movements in rapid sequences.

The Audi engineers have also carefully sound. The audio output is 2 RMS 10 watts. TVs Philips 6008 Series offer surround sound to bring excitement to movies and games. The idea is that the dialogues of the characters and sound effects from the movies are audible, even at low volume. It also features an automatic volume leveler.

These TVs connected to Wi-Fi and Ethernet integrate a dual-core chip, which easily handles multitasking with several applications at once, even while the user navigates by Internet. They can access videos, TV shows on demand and other services available on the platform Smart TV from Philips, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Besides, are ready to make video calls by Skype from the TV itself, they just have to install a webcam (model Philips PTA317).

The text entry is easy, thanks to the control that comes standard. It is a remote double face has a QWERTY keyboard in one of them. In the other presents the conventional buttons and keys. It incorporates gyroscopic sensors, such as smartphones, to detect if it is face up or face down. Moreover, the brand offers free monitoring application for smartphones and tablets, called MyRemote. It turns the mobile device into a full-touch remote control. It is especially useful for recording movies and TV series, simply select them from the program guide.


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