The Philips DesignLine 55PDL8908S/12r provides a visual experience that generates a different, more intimate and warm feeling

The Designline Philips 55PDL8908S/12 of 55 inches is a different proposal. A Full HD LED TV from design through floating glass that creates the sensation of being in a modern sculpture, featuring an image quality through its Perfect Pixel HD Engine and Ambilight is differentiated by its technology. This halo of light is generated around the TV playing with the walls or the furniture and makes it part of the visual experience. The lights around the TV scenes change as shown and get a warm and intimate effect. We will also stop in its bid for the smart TV, which greatly improves handling thanks to a rear panel with keyboard and mouse on the screen.

The design of the Philips 55PDL Designline8908S/12 is very mediated with Ambilight technology, a feature that we can almost consider as an extension of the forms of the computer. Leaving aside this differential touch compared to the other manufacturers, this LED TV stands by a floating lower glass panel that extends well below the TV, and generating a sensation that can be quite strange for users who see first.

The dimensions of this model are 119.1 x 124.1 x 4.1 cm and its weight is in the 42 kilos. These four centimeters represent one refinement rather than remarkable especially if we take into account that we have a panel with a size of 55-inch. At the moment, Philips has decided to wait to launch a model UHD (erroneously referred to as 4K) and committed to a resolution Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels in its panel. One of the highlights of this team is its brightness of 450 nits, which binds to a 500,000:1 dynamic contrast.

Philips televisions includes a powerful image processor which improves the final result of the images, both those already in high quality as those that occur with lower quality. In addition, the company has deployed several options to customize the TV’s performance. Perfect Natural Motion is a useful tool that can soften the images of television and get more fluid present. This unit allows three different levels make for a more natural movement (explain simply, as if in a theater) or a proper motion film.

With activated function enhancement progressed highlights the colors of scenes shown on TV and more make the silhouettes and shapes. Also have perfect contrast function (which automatically manages the contrast of the images) and the dynamic backlighting. This last feature lets you choose the type of backlight for lower power consumption or a better picture. To improve the quality of the images shown when they have a more limited quality the TV has a motor that reduces noise scenes in real time.Philips DesignLine 55PDL8908S-12r

One of the differentiating aspects of Philips regarding other companies is the Ambilight technology. This technology creates a halo of light surrounding the TV and you are looking to create a more immersive when watching movies or TV experience. The wall surrounding the team is filled with colors that arise as an extension of the images we’re seeing that change dynamically according to the contents displayed. To enjoy this feature is highly recommended to watch TV in a room that is dark.

The users can set the intensity of the halo of light for a more intense experience or a subtle sheen. Undoubtedly, this is a unique feature that creates a much warmer atmosphere in the room and it transforms the experience of watching television. Yes, at first this technology can distract much vision as the eyes inevitably turn to contemplate the different colors coming out of the back of the screen. But once the user gets used, Ambilight becomes an added plus to the experience that leaves us that intimate feeling. The Philips DesignLine 55PDL8908S/12 XL features the Ambilight effect on three sides.

Control of intelligent functions of the TV Philips DesignLine 55PDL8908S/12 passes through the use of its remote control. This control has two features that make it a very useful device to operate the equipment. On the one hand, it seemed a very interesting idea to include an infrared sensor to detect motion command and move through the TV interface (a similar concept to that found in the Nintendo Wii console). It is an agile way so you can move between the different menus of the team, although Philips should still work a little to make finer motion detection.

In short, it is a very useful alternative to move between different apps through the arrows on the remote. The other proposal is promising is the inclusion of a keyboard on the back of the handset. This ingenious keyboard separates into two so that when grabbed control normally is not annoying and barely notices the keys. When you turn the knob and place it horizontally, we can simply start typing. This is a very interesting development since typing addresses via a remote control through a Smart TV is usually a rather cumbersome task. The problem with this keyboard is that its use is limited to a range of applications and does not work with key tools such as YouTube.

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