Philips Ambilight TV, another way to enjoy the World Cup on TV

The users of Philips Ambilight TVs know well what it is making a film beyond the screen. And these devices are capable of projecting light against the back wall to provide an experience and immersive surround. Something that makes the action transferred the screen and displays at its best, surprising in the action scenes and other moments of climax. But Philips does not limit the user experiences a series and movies, so the application has launched Philips Ambilight TV App. A tool for mobile phones that will make enjoying the World Cup in Brazil 2014 is a unique experience.

And that the App of Philips Ambilight TV allows you to synchronize the TV using the smartphone to control at all times and make combination lights Ambilight system. With that, you can customize all the time projection with color selection to being animated, or highlight key a game any time a show of color. All with the press of a button on the terminal screen.

To start enjoying Philips Ambilight TV App is only necessary to preconfigure. The application allows mobile sync Android or iPhone with Philips Ambilight TVs of 2011 or newer, of type 6 or higher. Furthermore, it is necessary that both the TV and the smartphone are connected to the same network WiFi Internet. This will be the channel through which the signal is synchronized to control all the effects of the application and instantly make it look on TV. With all connected, just log Philips Ambilight TV App, see the little tutorial and let the application automatically connects to the TV. It is a process that only takes a few seconds and allows start enjoying this experience light instantly.

From this point the user can start and defend your computer by choosing the colors of their flag to be projected on the wall, projecting TV and creating an atmosphere of most forofa if the room is in darkness. Simply slide your finger around the dial to find the flag you want to defend. The application has a large selection, among which could not miss, but it is possible that some other users’re missed. If so, just go to the website of Philips Ambilight TV to download any of the other and wear it on the wall where the TV is located. But projecting the colors of the team that will defend is only one of all the features offered by this application.

Philips Ambilight TVs point and offer extra excitement to be able to display the colors of the scene outside the TV and thus capturing the attention of users. But this application adds even more competition to the fighting through the function selection of equipment situated in the middle button on the bottom bar. With it you can choose not only the colors of the favorite team to be supported, but also lets face it against any other flag just select it. In this way the light beam projected from the left side facing the flag colors chosen first, leaving the right side of the opponent. It is a good way to make every themed party and enjoy the confrontation beyond every play.

Applying Philips Ambilight TV App not only offers the chance to enjoy the World Cup in Brazil 2014 defending the colors of Red or any other selection you want to animate. Much more interesting and fun is the ability to monitor the actions of the referee sacándole card itself. It is a card, which in this case is of light. Thus, from the main application screen you can select the icon of the yellow card to show a beam of this color throughout Silhouette TV. A good way to criticize the action of the referee or any other player, to see other people who are watching the game do you think of that committed action.

Philips Ambilight TV1

But Philips has thought of many other situations where lights LED TVs Ambilight can create a unique and special moment. And it is that users want more freaks celebrate every goal of their team for everything big. Something they can do by pressing the button with the ball icon. A good way to create a special situation because of the emotion of the moment, but also the color scheme that looks after the TV to check this option. Thus, the chromatic range shows after the TV and in sync with the phone to celebrate both.

And if that goal finally gives victory to the team, the application Philips Ambilight TV App still has a surprising choice. This is the icon with fireworks. With it you can create a spectacle of color and light behind the TV, expanding the joy of what is being relayed to the wall and room. The effect manages to portray the bursting of fireworks of all colors and with different intensities.

Applying Philips Ambilight TV App focuses on light and emotion and feelings expand beyond the TV screen. But not only controlling the buttons from Mobile. It is also most curious mode Animation. In this case you just have to click on the icon microphone and let the Philips Ambilight system decide what colors and intensity reflect as decibels and environmental sounds. It is a good option to get momentum if the room is crowded with fans.

We should also mention how Suspense. A good way to keep the focus on the game thanks to the effect of the lights. One feature that measures the pace of the action of the game, especially designed to achieve climax during the chute of a penalty, if the voltage does not exceed the user.

Finally, the application Philips Ambilight TV App also provides the user extra fun thanks to an extra set of the most striking effects. One of them is to give dynamism to the scene just wave the flag and click on the icon namesake. This effect on the projection of light as if it achieves a wavy flag flying in question. Besides, what would a game without doing the wave? One issue that people from Philips is not overlooked. Therefore, pressing the button doing the wave, an effect of singular light runs the full length of the TV and expands through the wall to imitate the user along with the other viewers.

It closes the possibilities of this application the possibility to share the scene created with the application through social networks. Clicking on the option to share the user can take a snapshot of your TV and the light effects you are using. Whether you give envy to those who have a similar system of light or to show how colors feel your hobby, this function allows image sharing via Facebook or Twitter. An action that can have prize because Philips is giving away a 55 inch TV between users who wish to use this feature.

In short, a complete programs to make the most of the World Cup Brazil 2014. And it is that parties are not the same when defending this way of selecting colors, you can take symbolic cards or get animate the classroom environment almost as if he were in the stadium. But best of all is that the application Philips Ambilight TV App is completely free. You just have to download it for Android or iOS through Google Play or App Store.

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