The Philips 272G5DJEB 144Hz is very interesting for gamers who want first-class equipment

The monitor Philips 272G5DJEB 144Hz is a 27 inch oriented gamers. This machine has a powerful refresh rate of 144Hz with which scenes get more fluid in busy games (like shooters or racing games). It also integrates several specific configurations to highlight certain areas of the screen or improve contrast.

The control of these settings can be performed by means of a control in which you can also enter our personal preferences, so that you only have to load them to push a button. All with an attractive and futuristic design that helps dive into the gaming experience. We tell you all the details of monitor Philips 272G5DJEB in-depth analysis.

Undoubtedly, the great attraction of monitor Philips for gamers is its 144Hz refresh rate. That means the panel is able to refresh the image up to 144 times in a single second, more than double than a traditional monitor. The result is a much more fluid scenes, especially in those games where you have constant and very rapid movements. Reaching that speed also supposed to avoid the annoying effects of seeing an enemy move choppy on the screen, so we can target more accurately. Also, this feature is combined with excellent response time of only 1 millisecond.

As for the panel, the Philips 272G5DJEB 144Hz uses a screen LED-backlit LCD with a resolution of Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Here we would like to highlight the good brightness of this panel, which stands at 300 nits and which allows a brighter than we’re used to seeing on traditional monitors images. The static contrast of this monitor is placed in 1000:1, while through dynamic contrast values are achieved 80.000.000:1 to achieve deeper blacks.Philips 272G5DJEB

Philips has reinforced this with a design team that is most striking and modern. For this, the company has used black metal throughout the design. One of the highlights that we have drawn the most attention is the centerpiece of the base, which is divided into two for a few inches to generate a more futuristic feel. This idea is reinforced by the red line that runs model below the screen, and in which the brand name is shown. The base of the team has a simpler circular shape.

The measures of the Philips 272G5DJEB 144Hz are in the 63.9 x 58 x 24.2 centimeters (in the case of that we put the bracket to the maximum height). Indeed, another aspect that must be emphasized in this model is the ability to adjust the height of the monitor up to 15 inches. Users can also rotate the screen up to 90 degrees to the upright position and view content in portrait mode. The weight of the Philips monitor is placed in the 7.5 kilos, a manageable weight for easy installation on your desktop.

The Philips 272G5DJEB 144Hz includes a remote control called SmartKeypad. This accessory has a futuristic design with an oval shape and a color stripe in the center, plus six dedicated buttons. This is a simple way to access and manage the various settings on this screen. In addition, users can set two specific settings as a preset, so to get to play a game is enough to give a button on the remote for the monitor to load these options.

The monitor of Philips does not want to be just a good team performance for gaming. It also wants to turn on a specific platform to become an ally for our games. This has several advanced modes. The first is how FTS (first person shooter). When activated, the monitor automatically increases the contrast of the panel so that we can visualize scenes that remain obscure, so that we can more easily find hidden objects or enemies that can go unnoticed.

The second of the modes is the “Racing Game”. As its name suggests, is aimed at this type of game speed. The monitor improves both color density for us to enjoy more vibrant images as response time to display scenes remain fluid, without cuts or ghosting. The third mode is RTS (strategy game in real time). In this case, users can choose a particular area of the screen to highlight the brightness. For example, we know that an enemy can come through a door in the dark can illuminate that particular area.

The latest advanced feature which we will talk about here is SmartSize. In this case, it is certainly a feature that only advanced users will appreciate, because it is not a common scenario. Specifically, this function lets you play games with different screen sizes to improve our skills in every format.

The sizes that can be played are: 17 inches in 5:4 format, 19 inches in the same format, 18.5-inch widescreen 16:9 or 19 inch widescreen 16:10. We also have the option to bet on the format of 19.5″, 20″ or 21.5″ W normal 16:9 widescreen format. The next option is 22″ W in 16:10 followed by the sizes of 23″ W and 24″ W in widescreen.

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