Perfectly Remove PDF Watermarks With PDF Watermark Remover

PDF Watermark Remover is a complete tool which perfectly removes all the watermarks from an Adobe Acrobat PDF File. The tool is smart enough to remove watermarks from multiple PDF files in batch. This tool is of great help for those in the legal, medical or business fields. It can remove any watermark that has been applied to a PDF and needs to be removed. Since it can operate on multiple PDF files at a time the procedure proves time saving at the same time.

Before discussing about the other features this tool offers let us take a Quick view of it.

Quick View


 Removes Watermarks from PDF files
 Current version  1.0
 Size  3.3 MB
 Interface  Graphical User Interface
 Adobe Reader installation required  Yes
Trial version Available for free

 Software At A Glance

  • Removes watermark from PDF files in batch.
  • Removes images like logos, stamps and signatures.
  • Watermark removal only in Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
  • Data integrity is maintained after removal of watermark.
  • Saves resultant PDF files in a new folder at desired location.
  • Is supported by all versions of Windows OS.
  • Adobe Reader 9.0 or below versions required.

Test Run Of PDF Watermark Remover

We ran a test on the PDF Watermark Remover using the trial version of the software. The trial version can be downloaded from the official website. The installation requires minimal time and since the size of software is not large as such, it will occupy a minimal amount of memory on the hard disk.

  • Start Screen

The first window of the software consists of two sections. The left sided section ”Quick Links” provides links to open the PDF file from which the watermark needs to be removed, help option in case you are facing any problem while running the software. With report issue you can register issues that you are facing and online support to seek online help from support team of the organization.

  • Add File (s) & Add Folder Options

The software after selecting the Open PDF option shows a window to select PDF Files. Here you are provided with 2 options.

  • Add File (s): With this option you can add selected PDF files one by one.
  • Add Folder: If you have all the PDF files in a single folder you can directly add the particular folder.
  • ­Remove & Remove All Options

Remove: In case you want to remove a single PDF file select the file and click Remove option. The selected file will get removed.

Remove All: If you want to remove all the PDF files that have been added select Remove All option and remove all files at once.

  • Progress Summary

The software will show you a progress report which will show details of the selected PDF files. The name, path and status of the files are shown.

Once you select the Start option the watermark from all the files will get removed.

  • End Report

The software will show an end report showing the status of the PDF file and location of the watermark removed PDF file.

  • Versions Of The Tool

Trial Version: The trial version of the tool is available for free and can be downloaded from the official website of the organization.

Limitation: The trial version of the tool will remove the watermark on the PDF file and replace it with a New Watermark instead.

Licensed Version: The licensed version can be purchased from the website itself. The purchase version imposes no limit as trial version and will successfully remove watermark from PDF files.

The Good

  • Removes watermark from single file as well files in batch.
  • The original formatting of data is maintained throughout.
  • Adobe Acrobat is not required to be installed for operating the tool.

The Bad

  • Removes only Adobe Acrobat PDF Watermarks.
  • The trial version replaces the original watermark with a new watermark.

The Verdict

On the basis of performance and operation on multiple PDF files, PDF Watermark Remover can be rated at 9.8/10. Although trial version of the tool does not produce a watermark-free PDF file, the licensed version effectively removes text as well as image watermarks from PDF file.


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