If you are passionate about speed and on a tight budget, the LG F70 can become a good option

The LG F70 is a mobile middle-range of the Korean company that targets users who want to enjoy 4G connectivity for a restrained price. And this terminal will reach the market from April for a price of 220 euros that will bring you to most pockets, and is likely to become one of the classic catalogs of operators. In addition to this connection, other points that make this proposal include the LG 4.5-inch screen, quad-core processor or the presence of the latest version of the operating system Google Android 4.4 KitKat. We tell you all the features that have been revealed about this affordable terminal with connection 4G in an in-depth analysis.

In the field of design, there are few details that we can highlight the forms of LG F70. The Korean company has opted for a very classic line, with the usual format bar that look most smartphones and with more rounded corners than usual to create the feeling that this is a more compact unit. This terminal will hit the market in both black and white, to provide an added customization. As for its dimensions, it is not a particularly thin or small team, but keeps lines that are still comfortable to grip. Official dimensions are 127.2 × 66.4 × 10 mm, which puts it a step below most releases we’re looking at Mobile World Congress.

The screen of LG F70 has a size of 4.5 inches and sports a medium resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Again, nothing impressive, but it should be that we can enjoy the system menus and the most simple applications and games without any limitation being noticed. The good news is that it is an IPS panel. This type of display offers bright images and outstanding viewing angles of 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically.

It is here where most noted that this is a mid-range terminal (practically low-end). Fact is that LG has reduced its photographic section to reduce costs, to the point that we will have a rear 5 megapixel camera that will just enough to immortalize our favorite moments with a quality that certainly leave something to be desired. On the front we find a VGA camera will use primarily for video conferencing applications such as Skype and Hangouts with average quality.


The internal memory of this phone reaches 4 GB. This is a very limited amount that leaves us with little room to install different applications and games and to store our media files. Soon we use the computer in a more intense way; we will need to draw on a MicroSD card which can reach a maximum size of 32 GB. Moreover, one of the most powerful specifications that we are in this phone is the inclusion of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad core with a power of 1.2 GHz Thanks to this chip can be run with good flow the vast majority of applications that can be found on Android, and the menus themselves of the system. Too bad this processor power has not been matched with equal force in the appearance of the RAM. As noted from various media, RAM will stay at a mere 512 MB. This point is confirmed, we would see very limited ability to run multiple applications simultaneously.

Another good news that comprise this phone to hit the market standard with the Android 4.4 operating system KitKat. As we have said several times already in the last few days, this version has the great attraction that allows teams technically more limited run system very smoothly. And the LG F70 falls into this list. In addition, as you know who uses Android as usual, one of the biggest advantages of betting on this platform can be found in its huge apps store, which for a while over a million.

Indeed, it is very interesting to enjoy applications like WhatsApp, Line, Candy Crush Saga or Facebook. Moreover, almost always leave a few words to talk about the weight that Google’s own tools, such as Gmail, Google Hangouts or Maps. LG will also provide its own layer of software to customize the use of the apparatus. One of the more interesting features is the ability to unlock the phone through various taps we have scheduled (even when the screen is off).

In the field of connections, the queen of this phone is its 4G capability. This entire model revolves around the ability to connect to high-speed networks, a feature that is fast becoming a major complaint because of the speed gears with which operators are deploying these networks. Of course, the fact bet on this network has also led to sacrifice other aspects LG phone to keep in a restrained price, and that may like more or less the user.

In addition to this connection, we also have WiFi to connect to the network through the router, Bluetooth version 4.0 to transfer information to and compatible GPS to navigate and find the addresses you want to go equipment. In the field of physical connections we find a slot for MicroSD memory cards up to 32 GB and a MicroUSB port for charging the device and transfer data to your computer.


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