Panasonic Viera WT600 4K of 65 inch, the TV of powerful technology system

More and more manufacturers are beginning to discover the potential of 4K resolutions. A step forward in the playback of multimedia content that promises a resolution up to four times more powerful than the Full HD.. The first example of Panasonic of this new breed of TVs is the new generation model WT600 4K Viera 65-inch size. This team combines this exceptional level of detail with advanced Smart TV and an attractive design that will make it a great addition to any living room (which can fit a TV of this size).

Go ahead. See resolution 4K (or UHD) content, as it should in fact be called is impressive. The level of detail is reached will we get the impression that this is a window to the real world, almost as if we could touch the water flowing or the characters on the screen. The Panasonic TV has a large panel of 65 inches and has a powerful image processor that displays this content with good fluidity and a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

But this technology is facing two major problems. On the one hand, yet there is little content to exploit this resolution or in films (much less on television). That severely limits the ability to squeeze these TVs, at least until the technology becomes popular. On the other hand, so far has not been able to establish a common standard for these resolutions to enable fully enjoy this new generation resolution.

The Panasonic Viera WT600 4K TV has several different picture modes. We can use several different modes of image. Among them is the “Dynamic” mode, which changes the image based on the content being displayed, the “Normal” mode to a more standard configuration and the “Cinema” mode for movies. If we have a more powerful experience we can set the “THX Cinema” mode.

If the picture display is too dark, opt for the “THX Cinema Bright Room” option. The last two options are “Monitor” and “Custom.” We can also change the color temperature for cooler colors or warmer according to our preferences. On the other hand, this TV also integrates 3D functionality, although it is a feature that has lost much relevance in recent years to not get the expected impact in the world of television.

Panasonic Viera WT600 4K

Personally, I think it is an attractive feature for both viewing movies as for normal content, especially on a TV with as powerful as the Panasonic Viera WT600 4K resolution. The TV includes an automatic converter 2D image in 3D, while not serving as a natural substitute for native content, yes it is quite remarkable to enjoy a few hours of this content. The 3D display is performed by this TV glasses included (two pairs of glasses are included in this model).

In the field of design, this Panasonic model follows the lines we’ve seen on other TVs the Viera range. Its metal design adds an elegant touch. They wanted to minimize the frame to give the impression that the screen is even bigger and to facilitate installation in the living room. Of course we are talking about a 65-inch TV will need a piece of furniture to match. In particular, the dimensions of this model are 146.8 x 96 x 42.5 inches and weighs 43 kilos reaches.

Another option that could be performed to install the TV is to use a Vesa mount for hanging of a wall and reduce their impact on the space of the room. One of the distinctive highlights of this equipment is a fine line of glass in the bottom of the device illuminated by LED, which provides an attractive design detail and highlights the company logo. In short, the Panasonic Viera WT600 has a ways to turn this television in the living king.

As it could not be otherwise, we will find many smart on this TV features. The Panasonic’s platform will allow us to access a large number of applications thanks to the Internet. Some of these apps include VOD, social networks like Facebook or Twitter or videoconferencing applications like Skype. But today, the king of apps for Smart TVs is still YouTube. The ability to watch videos from the net directly on sofa (by the way, there are already a number of videos in YouTube 4K resolution) is one of the great advantages of opting for a smart TV.

Another point that we liked is the inclusion of a dedicated channel for 4K content within apps available. A platform allows us to enjoy numerous short videos with this resolution, and to give us a taste of the future of this technology. These videos we can find scenes of landscapes, cities, nature and even movie trailers.

In addition, Panasonic also wanted to increase the options for TV control via a touch control (which binds to a traditional command). Although it takes a few minutes to do this command, it is a good tool to access the various functions of the TV tool. It also includes a microphone for voice control through the TV. We also have the option to register our factions to directly access a customized startup screen. This screen can be configured to enter shortcuts to your favorite applications.


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