Panasonic Smart Viera, the first customizable TV

The range of TVs Panasonic Viera Smart 2013 is formed by several families with very different diagonals. The largest is 65 inches, while the smallest is 32 inches. These are the families diagonal screen: WT60 (55 and 47 inches), DT60 (60, 55, 50, 47 and 42 inches), FT60 (47 and 42 inches; ET60 (55, 50, 47 and 42 inches); E6 (42, 39 and 32 inches); BL6 (50, 39 and 32 inches) and VT 60. (65, 55 and 50 inches) Thus, it is possible to meet the needs of households of different sizes The Banquet. Most models are LCD TVs with LED backlighting, although there are also some plasma.

They are all connected TVs smart, including an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi integrated. The pre-installed web browsers support Flash video, in three series: WT60, DT60 and FT60. Everyone can access the services available online through the platform Viera Connect. Everyone can play media files from a computer or other DLNA compatible device within the home network. The high-end models, belonging to the families WT60, DT60 and VT60 also have Bluetooth to communicate wirelessly with mobile phones, tablets and laptops compatible.

A new feature for this season is precisely the ability to configure the home screen TV. This is what Panasonic Viera called My Profile. Every inhabitant of the household can customize the screen with your favorite content, your own personal agenda, your notepad and preferred applications. You can even modify the layout of the main screen, choosing between three different formats or create an entirely new one.

To make life easier for users who do not want to make too many changes to your profile are default home screens, with three thematic television, and lifestyle information. Smart Viera TVs can store up to eight different profiles, including those three predefined. The high-end TVs from Panasonic are plenty of TV tuners. You can receive digital terrestrial television, even in high definition, but also satellite television broadcasting and cable television. In addition, the tuners come in pairs: two of Freeview HD, two satellites and two for cable.

Panasonic Smart Viera

This has many advantages. You can watch one program while another check out. The display can simultaneously display two programs, being divided to the right for one another and left half or the second program is displayed in a small window within the main. In addition, the channel change is much faster.

Having a dual tuner each class also serves to record a TV show while watching a football game, for example. And these TVs Panasonic include a port USB 3.0 -capable recorder, just an external hard drive or memory key must be connected. With the function of viewing and sharing, a person can be watching a television screen in the living room TV, while another may see a different channel on the tablet from another room in the house.

The models in the VT60 series and the WT60 series include a webcam with microphone on the top of the frame, whose utility is not only the realization of video conferencing over the Internet through Skype. Also the webcam is the basis for facial recognition. The FT60 teles families and ET60 are also able to recognize the faces of the viewer who is sitting in front of the screen, always install an external webcam. If the viewer has previously configured profile Viera, you can directly access the personalized home screen.

To this we must add the ability to handle certain TV functions with voice commands, as can be up and down the volume, change the channel or turn off the TV. Just talk to the user control with supplied microphone touch with families WT60, DT60 and VT60. For other models, the alternative is to talk to a smarphone have free control application installed Viera Remote 2.0.

It is a free application from Panasonic that complete control application Viera Remote 2.0. The mission of Swipe and Share 2.0 is passing audio files, videos, photos or web pages from a tablet or smartphone to watch on your TV by simply sliding a finger across the screen to drag the media. It can also work in reverse, to spend a TV show to your mobile device. This second version also allows you to record TV programs on your mobile device and vice versa, the mobile on the TV, gesturing with two fingers on the touch screen smartphone or tablet. Thus, a finger is to share, and two fingers to save.

The Panasonic Viera range has always been known for its huge image quality, outstanding build quality and remarkable connectivity. 2013 The range goes further and adds, for the first time, the ability to customize content by the user. Beyond programming content we want to record or watch, new Viera to define different spaces on the main screen which displayed applications, news headlines, images, calendar, YouTube videos, etc … There are three default configurations and 100% customizable fourth option. Also, we live in the age of connectivity 2.0; all are customizable and controllable-from smartphone from any increase volume to make searches with URLs in the browser of the TV.


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