Panasonic Smart TV 2014, the TV anywhere in the world

Panasonic wants to turn the market for Smart TV in 2014. The Japanese company has introduced a handful of features that can become a reference for the following month, and it represents a significant leap over the previous year models. Above all, the feature that can generate more noise is TV Anywhere. This tool allows us to access the content live and recorded TV anywhere in the world, with the only requirement of having a smartphone or tablet (Android or Apple) with network connection.

PanasonicL42AS600-ReviewBut this is not the only major development. Panasonic will also launch its new Smart TV other tools as a recommender of content or notification bar will jump when it detects the presence of a person even to be off. Here we cross the smart features that will have the new TVs Panasonic.

Without a doubt, the big bet of the Japanese company in the field of intelligent television. It is a tool with which we can display the contents on TV anywhere in the world. And this goes both live content as the content that it recorded on a hard disk or a USB memory., that is, that for example we see a football match of Champions of the First while on a trip to Australia. Indeed, one of the possible problems that would find TV Anywhere is the restricted content. Those responsible for the brand have assured us that it does not seem that there will be no problem, but still retain some caution until this feature becomes popular.

Such content is accessed through a dedicated application of Panasonic for smartphones and tablets (both Android as iPhone and iPad devices). Currently there is a dedicated tool for PC, one of the limitations that could be overcome in a few months. As we said before, the only requirement is to have access to the network, whether it is WiFi as if we talk about 3G and 4G, although in the case of mobile networks must take into account the significant expense of data may have associated.

In addition, high-end TVs like the series Panasonic AX800Viera and Panasonic Viera AS800 or Panasonic Viera TX-65AX800E incorporate a dual TV tuner. This means that two users can be watching different TV channels (one at home and another over or two mobile devices through a mobile device) and a third will see that we recorded content on the TV. No doubt, this is one of the biggest bets of Panasonic for the segment of the Smart TV; you can sit a reference in this market. This feature will come to all ranges of Smart TV less the Panasonic Viera AS600.

The Japanese company has also developed a content recommender with a very similar to other tools on the market and the concept TVs Samsung. This recommend shows a flow featured with different content that glide across the screen, and programs that include both live televisions as content apps like YouTube or even prints through USB memory programs. The new Smart TV company allow users to register several different speech recognition and through the webcam.

Users will be tailored to the use they make of television, both in the type of program that displayed as series and certain content recommendations. Furthermore, the way you have to help make this more accurate recommended is using the key favorites.

Another new feature is called information bar. This is a smart notification bar that once activated works even when the TV is off. This bar lights up when detects the passage of a user in front of the computer, try to identify with the webcam and shows a band at the bottom TVs with different information about the time, the weather of the city where we are or more recommendations favorite files or programs you have recorded on television.

But undoubtedly the most interesting contribution is the ability to send both text notes as short videos to a particular user from anywhere via the dedicated app on a smartphone or tablet. Short videos have a maximum duration of 30 seconds, and can store up to three messages at the same time, while in the case of text notes the number of messages up to five simultaneously. When we send one of these messages, a notification appears in the Info Bar.


This is a pretty original function, although it is to see the real value that can be a daily user. Yes, the makers of Panasonic claim that the energy expenditure has always activated the motion sensor will be very low at only 0.5 W, so the impact of this bar in consumption will be very light.

Motion detection occurs in a range up to two or three meters and can set the bar with two different levels of sensitivity, so that the bar does not react every time you pass in front a pet or small child. Keep in mind that this functionality is only available in the higher-end models Panasonic Viera AX800 and Panasonic AS800.

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